About Us

SafetyWaka was created with for the set of people who understands the significance of comfort while travelling. Travelling is definitely exhilarating considering all the awesome places you can visit, however, without a professional guidance; you might extinguish this lively fire before stepping out of your home. With Safetywaka behind the wheels of your travelling, such will never occur because you are part of our voyage family and family should always come first.

We are here to provide you with substantial information on how to go about your movement from Nigeria to any place in the world or within the country regardless of why you need to be there, be it, business, education, or leisure. We are certainly your best online plug for travel updates.

You might be a student who wishes to study abroad but does not have enough funds; our scholarship guides are more than enough to fund your way into any school you desire abroad.

Maybe you are that man who needs to catch some fun abroad or expand your business tentacle; let help you get settled with our exquisite travel tips and find you a place just like home among our distinctive hotels and resorts recommendations.

No matter whom you are or what you need, there is always something for you at Safetywaka. Travelling is only interesting when you have a sense of belonging with your travel partner. Speak to us on partnership with your:

  • Hotels and resort
  • Restaurants
  • Airline companies
  • Tech companies
  • Clothing brands
  • Travels and tours agencies and many others.

Remember, if you wan carry first for waka, you need to follow person wey don first you waka the route. Trust Safetywaka and you will never be last in all your waka waka.