Hotels in Wuse 2 with Swimming Pools

Hotels in Wuse 2 with Swimming Pools


In Abuja, one of the cities where luxury can be experienced is Wuse 2. Although, there are lots of business and corporate buildings there, Wuse 2 houses some of the best hotels and relaxation centers. If you want to taste the Abuja luxury scene but with an added perk – swimming pools, this article on Hotels in Wuse 2 with Swimming Pool will show you some of the best places to book your reservations. 

6 Best Hotels in Wuse 2 with Swimming Pool 

The following are some of the best hotels in Wuse 2 with swimming pool. If you fancy the chance of relaxing by the poolside or taking the time to relieve stress by swimming, these are the options to choose from:

Wali’s Suites 

Everything in Wali’s Suites gives a personal touch to comfort and luxury. It doesn’t look like the far more expensive hotels but you can expect the same standard of service at Wali’s Suites. For me, the best part of the hotel was its staff who were cordial, courteous, and professional. I could only fault the kitchen staff as the food took too long to come. 


Its pool isn’t Olympic-sized but if you need somewhere cool and calm to spend sometime recharging then Wali’s is the place to go. Aside from the pool, the room essentials you get are top-notch. Your room will have shaving kits, shower caps, comb, shower slippers, robes, and more. Someone described Wali’s Suites as Transcorp and Fraser for half the price. 

The rooftop bar was also an important side attraction to staying at Wali’s Suites. Overall, if you need luxury in the heart of Wuse 2 without breaking the bank, you should try this hotel.

Address: 21 Monrovia St, Wuse, Abuja

Phone Number: 0809 888 5557



Casalinda Hotel & Gallery Resort 

Casalinda Hotel Swimming Pool Wuse 2

Casalinda Hotel & Gallery Resort has a pool that is always so clean, you could jump in on sight. The atmosphere in this hotel is electrifying and the live music at the bar from 7 pm adds an exceptional touch to the nightlife. Guests are also entertained by karaoke sessions and Salsa dance training. 

One of the things that sets Casalinda apart from other hotels in Wuse 2 with a swimming pool is its honeymoon suite. This is a section within the facility designed to cater to the needs of newlywed couples or those seeking to vacation as duos. 

Another good thing to note about this establishment is their use of electric-powered fans which can be used after the light goes off. Instead of diesel generators, the hotel has a solar backup power supply. You can be sure of access to power throughout your stay. 

Address: 6 Tarkwa Cres, Wuse, Abuja

Phone Number: 0912 775 9045

Immaculate Platinum Luxury Resort 

Swimming Pool at Immaculate Platinum Resort Wuse 2

This resort is perfect for people who truly want a getaway destination. It is a resort that gives you a home away from home. Immaculate Platinum Resort is located in a quiet and serene environment. Most of the guests say they visit this facility because it is far from the public’s prying eyes. 

The refreshing oasis is open to every guest at the hotel but you’ll have to pay a service charge for adults. It is always clean and the relaxation space by the poolside is befitting of the pool itself. If you need somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily activities and supercharge, Immaculate Platinum Luxury Resort promises you an experience you’ll never forget. 

Address: 24 Lobito Cres, Wuse, Abuja 900288, Federal Capital Territory

Phone Number: 0816 443 1956

Ivana Residence 

You should always expect hotels in Wuse 2 to have beautiful furnishings and interior designs. That’s arguably the first thing that connects me to a hotel – how good the interior design is. Ivana Residence has a simple but top-notch design. 

I love where the swimming pool is located. It feels enclosed and there’s a mini bar by the side. There are chairs for people to sit, relax, and enjoy drinks. Although the pool isn’t spacious I guess it is because the hotel can’t get too many guests at a time. 

Even so, there are chances you can meet the pool crowded, especially during the weekends. The hotel is located in a popular area in Wuse 2 – Lingu Crescent. 

Address: 28 Lingu Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Phone Number: 07066293449

Barcelona Hotels International 

Swimming pool at Barcelona Hotels International

Easily considered one of the best hotels in Abuja, Barcelona Hotels International has one of the best rooftop restaurants in the area. The food is really good and there’s a variety of dishes on the menu. In my opinion, Barcelona Hotels International has one of the most satisfying pool areas in this review. Their pool is enclosed and the refraction of light rays from the sunlit water area makes the whole area blue-ish. 

Also, the hotel is undoubtedly a tech-inclined facility as some of the rooms are opened by key cards which also control the lighting in the room. With underground parking for cars, this 5-story edifice of comfort is one hotel to try whenever you visit Abuja. 

Address: 23 Blantyre Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja 904101

Phone Number: 0814 137 5819


Prosbel Hotel 

Prosbel Hotel is a tastefully furnished and cozy hotel. I give it to the staff for their courteous and professional attitude. The swim area is a pretty decent one and there’s nothing out of the ordinary except it becomes aesthetically pleasing at night. It looks like something that’s properly maintained and for entertaining guests, the hotel provides access to the Internet and Netflix. 

While it may be pricey for the service delivery, I believe it doesn’t fall short of the standard of excellence and luxury you would be looking for in a hotel in Wuse 2. I’ll recommend this hotel to anyone who’s coming to Abuja for a business trip. 

Address: 6 Beira Cres, Wuse 2, Abuja 904101, Federal Capital Territory

Phone Number: 0817 155 5559


Final Thoughts on Hotels in Wuse 2 with Swimming Pool 

Choosing a hotel in Wuse 2 with a swimming pool is a smart decision for those seeking a blend of relaxation and recreation during their stay. Whether it’s a refreshing dip or a serene lounging experience, the presence of a swimming pool adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit. 

Notable hotels in Wuse 2 offering this desirable amenity include Barcelona Hotel International, Prosbel Hotel, Wali’s Suites, Casalinda Hotel & Gallery Resort, Ivana Residence, and Immaculate Platinum Luxury Resort. Elevate your stay by selecting a hotel that not only meets your accommodation needs but also provides a refreshing aquatic escape.


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