Best Hotels in Area 11, Garki

If you are planning a trip to Abuja and would like to stay at a hotel close to the city’s center, then you should be looking for hotels in Area 11, Garki. Area 11 is approximately 10 minutes away from any point in the bustling Abuja city center and if you find a good hotel in the location, you can shuttle from your lodging to your business appointment in time. 


Even if you aren’t coming to Abuja for business, probably you need a good hotel that offers the luxury and comfort the hospitality scene in the nation’s capital is known for, this list of hotels in Area 11, Garki will help you find good accommodation. 

Best Hotels in Area 11, Garki

Whether you are looking for a weekend escape or a resort for a much-needed staycation, you’ll find a good option here. These are the best hotels in Area 11, Garki:

Sheer Luxury Apartments & Suites

hotels in area 11, Garki Sheer Luxury in Area 11 

Sheer Luxury Apartments has the essentials to make your stay feel exactly like home. In Abuja, there are only a handful of hotels that have gas cookers, microwave ovens, kettles, working refrigerators, pressing irons, and boards – quite a handful. Sheer Luxury Apartments has these things in their rooms and other practical and exotic furnishings. 


There’s live music at the swimming pool court every evening with soft jazz always playing. The atmosphere is usually electrifying and presents an exquisite level of relaxation. 

Contact Details:

Address: 1659 Sapele Cres, off Akintola Boulevard, Garki

Contact: 08175545379


Website: Sheer Luxury Apartments 

Residency Hotel 

Residency Hotel Residency Hotel

Residency Hotel is a national hotel with branches across select states in the country. The branch in FCT is located at Area 11 and it doesn’t differ from the overall quality of Residency Hotels nationwide. Among the many amenities available to guests is the complimentary coffee and breakfast. 

However, this branch has some issues. For instance, the WiFi is not fully operational. I couldn’t use it during my visit to the hotel. Also, the parking space available is not enough for the guests they get sometimes. 

If you get a room on the 3rd floor and you’ll be staying for a while, you could engage in a fitness exercise going up and down the stairs as there are no elevators. Overall, the experience at Residency Hotel is not bad and you are definitely going to enjoy staying at this hotel.

Contact Details:

Address: 4 Port Harcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya St, Garki, Abuja

Phone Number: 08083664874

Website: Residency Hotel 

Ayalla Hotels 

Ayalla Hotel Visit Ayalla Hotels Abuja

Ayalla Hotels is located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa also. If you have ever been to that branch and enjoyed the hospitality there, it is better in Abuja. It is an affordable hotel in a luxurious part of the FCT. This hotel is so close to the Central Business District, that it takes less than seven minutes to get there. This means you can easily access a wide range of top restaurants, brands, and establishments in Abuja with ease. 

Like every other serious hotel, you get complimentary breakfast at Ayalla Hotels and I have to give the hotel credit for its parking space. Elevators make moving around the hotel enjoyable and less of a hassle. However, I’ll fault Ayalla Hotels in Abuja for its messy plumbing. Except it has been fixed, some bathrooms have bad plumbing and water drainage systems.

Aside from the bad piping at the hotel and the occasional delays in service delivery, Ayalla Hotels is almost perfect. 

Contact Details:

Address: Area 11, No.3, Ibi Road, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki

Phone Number: 08122603657

Website: Ayalla Hotels Limited 

Silverland Hotel & Suites 

Silverland Hotel

Silverland Hotel & Suites is a budget-friendly accommodation choice for those seeking a tranquil setting close to the city center. Nestled within walking distance of the international conference center and situated behind the renowned Transcorp Hilton, the hotel offers convenience for business and leisure travelers alike. 

However, it’s important to note that while the hotel provides a serene environment, guests may need to make arrangements for meals elsewhere, as the kitchen service is not up to par. Despite this drawback, the hotel’s affordability and proximity to key landmarks make it a noteworthy option for those looking for a cost-effective stay in the heart of Area 11.

Contact Details

Address: No. 68 Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja 900247

Phone Number: 08071444464

Bolton White Hotel 

Bolton White Hotel in Area 11

This is one of the most popular hotels in Abuja. Bolton White Hotel offers the allure of a delightful atmosphere and a unique charm. What I love about the hotel is its sweet ambiance at night, creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests.

At Bolton White, the rooms provide a comfortable experience with consistent electricity and hot water, ensuring a hassle-free stay. Additionally, the convenience of an airport taxi service adds to the overall accessibility of the hotel.

One of Bolton White Hotel’s standout features is its culinary offerings. The restaurant serves a variety of local and international cuisines, providing a delightful culinary experience for guests. From refreshing fruit drinks like zobo and mixed fruit juices to a selection of main fruits such as pineapple and watermelon, guests can indulge in a diverse and enjoyable dining experience.

Contact Details

Address: 7 Gwandu, opposite Sahad Stores, Garki, Abuja

Phone Number: 09038852466

Website: Bolton White Hotel

Top Rank Hotel 

Top Rank Hotel in Area 11 Garki Top Rank Hotel in Area 11

Top Rank Hotels, despite its age, stands out with amenities that rival modern facilities, placing it on par with contemporary establishments. While some amenities may not be fully functional during your visit, this doesn’t diminish the exquisite ambiance that the hotel offers.

The hotel prides itself on fast room service, ensuring that guests have a prompt and efficient experience during their stay. Security is a top priority at Top Rank Hotels, providing guests with a guaranteed sense of safety throughout their time at the establishment.

Being among the top-ranking hotels, Top Rank Hotels is dedicated to continually meeting the needs and requirements of its clients. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through good customer relations, creating a positive and welcoming environment for guests.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Top Rank Hotels provides a cool and auspicious serene atmosphere, offering guests a retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The hotel’s unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary amenities makes it a distinctive choice for those seeking a comfortable and secure stay with a touch of elegance.

Contact Details 

Address: Area 11, Plot 892, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Gimbiya St, Garki, Abuja

Phone Number: 08135328881

Facebook: Top Rank Hotels Area 11 | Abuja 


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