Top 8 Hotels in Gwarinpa, Abuja

Hotels in Gwarinpa

Gwarinpa is one of the cities in Abuja carved out for the middle class of society. Its proximity to the central area in Abuja and other parts of the Federal Capital Territory makes it a lovely place to stay especially if you are visiting Abuja. For guests who may need a place to stay while in Abuja, this guide takes you on a tour of Gwarinpa’s hospitality industry as we explore the best hotels in Gwarinpa. 

Considered the biggest estate in West Africa, Gwarinpa boasts a diverse array of hotels, each offering a unique experience. From boutique hotels to lavish resorts, find the perfect match for your preferences and budget.

Hotels in Gwarinpa and Prices 

The following are some of the nicest and most affordable hotels in Gwarinpa:

Dalchifit Suites (₦38,000/per night)

Dalchfit Suites is one of the top-rated hotels in Gwarinpa, especially for budget travelers. If you do not have an elaborate budget but need to enjoy the offerings of a standard hotel, Dalchifit Suites is an ideal option. The hotel rooms aren’t spacious but they are comfortable. Thanks to the WiFi available, you can access the Internet for free at the hotel. 

Each room has a smart TV which is not something you’ll find in some hotels in Abuja. The gym is fully equipped so if you are a fitness enthusiast, Dalchifit has got your fitness needs covered. Everything about this hotel pays attention to detail including the interior design. 

Sadly, the limited amount of parking space and power outages are some of the downsides of staying at this hotel. Room prices start from ₦38,000. 

Sefcon Suites & Apartment (₦23,000/per night)

At Sefcon Suites & Apartments, the food is on point but the attitude of the kitchen staff is dismissive, to say the least. It was almost as if they didn’t listen when you gave them instructions. A guest complained that they asked the kitchen if they had fresh food. The response was affirmative only for her to be served a microwaved soup with cold meat. 

Moving from the culinary services at Sefcon, there’s also a management issue. The hotel offers free WiFi services but if you happen to visit the hotel at a time when the manager isn’t around, you may not have access to it. 

The Executive Suites at the hotel seem to be the best part of the hotel. Not forgetting the poolside and bar, perfect spots for relaxation while at the facility. Another interesting feature that makes Sefcon Suites worth visiting is the constant power supply. Even though this is not considered by many, you can be sure there’s no comfort without power. 

Palazzo Versace Hotel (₦49,500/per night)

Palazzo Versace Hotel

Palazzo Versace Hotel is a prime example of a resort that is a home away from home. The hospitality standards in this hotel are exceptional. Rather than the regular toiletries of soaps, tissues, and towels, the hotel provides guests with hair dryers, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more.

Aesthetics are bizarre at Palazzo Versace Hotel. The hotel exudes Italian architecture with interiors and furnishings designed to immerse you in the world of Versace. If you are looking for somewhere to have a romantic staycation, look no further. 

The best part of the hotel is its rooftop swimming pool and bar with a view that is exhilarating and satisfying. 

Saturday nights are for live music and you can request songs to be sung for you. What else could be more romantic? 

Address: Plot 136A, 17 Road, Gwarinpa F2 By Police Station, Abuja

Suncourt Feel at Home Suites (₦35,000/per night)

Nestled in the heart of Gwarinpa, Suncourt Feel at Home Suites stands out for its prime location and well-maintained rooms, ensuring a pleasant environment. 

However, the hotel falls short in terms of customer service and relationships, with guests expressing dissatisfaction over a perceived lack of professionalism. 

Additionally, though the culinary offerings are deemed decent, the drawback lies in extended waiting times for food, contributing to an overall mixed experience for visitors.

One good point is that Suncourt Suites is quite affordable. Rooms range from 25,000 naira to 35,000 naira. 

Address: 485 Ado J. G. Muhammad Cres, Gwarinpa, Abuja 900108, Federal Capital Territory

Lily Grand Luxury Hotels and Apartments (₦45,000/ per night)

Lily Grand Luxury Hotels and Apartments in Gwarinpa treats guests to an immersive and enchanting experience that beckons relaxation. The cleanliness and overall aesthetic of the apartment proved to be a testament to the meticulous attention to detail.

However, it is impossible to overlook a slight hiccup in the experience – the service time. This seemingly minor drawback seemed to stem from what appeared to be an understaffed situation, leading to moments of waiting that could use improvement.

On a positive note, the room service at Lily Grand was nothing short of superb. The staff went above and beyond to ensure the guest’s comfort, adding a touch of luxury to the stay. The highlight of the establishment undoubtedly lay in its pool – a masterpiece with every section delicately designed to cater to individuals who may not be adept swimmers. The shallow areas provided a unique and inclusive experience, making it a standout feature.

The dining experience at Lily Grand exhibited a dichotomy. While the food was delightful and the service commendable, the pace of the kitchen was notably slow. Despite this, the overall culinary journey was enjoyable, reflecting the dedication to quality.

Although the accommodation may lean towards the pricey end, the value derived from the hidden, cool, and chill atmosphere justified the expense. Lily Grand Luxury Hotels and Apartments, with its comparative experience for a hotel of its rating, proved to be an excellent choice for extended lodging, offering a unique blend of luxury, relaxation, and a touch of culinary indulgence.

Address: Plot 95b Sa’adu Zungur Street, Gwarinpa

De-Rossi Hotel & Suites (₦30,000/per night)

De-Rossi Hotel & Suites is located in a tranquil and secure area of Gwarinpa, Abuja. The hotel offers a serene retreat for visitors. I heard you can get an airport shuttle from the hotel to the Abuja airport. Guests have praised the delectable cuisine and impeccable cleanliness of the rooms, making it a noteworthy choice for accommodation.

The tastefully furnished rooms at De-Rossi Suites, coupled with top-notch service delivery, create an ambiance that seamlessly blends luxury and convenience. The cozy environment, complemented by ample parking space, adds to the overall comfort and accessibility for guests.

For those seeking a more laid-back experience, De-Rossi boasts a bush bar and restaurant where patrons can indulge in palm wine. The flexibility to order food from outside further enhances the dining options. The courteous staff adds a welcoming touch to the overall experience, making De-Rossi Hotel & Suites a compelling choice for those searching for a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury during their stay in Gwarinpa.

Address: C 30 5211 Crescent, Tai Solarin Ave, Gwarinpa Estate, Gwarinpa

Parris Royal Hotel (₦30,000/ per night)

Parris Royal Hotel stands out with clean, spacious, and ornately furnished rooms that exude a sense of luxury. The impressive shower/spa, complete with a radio and strategically placed spouts, enhances the overall experience, creating an inviting atmosphere. The staff at Parris Royal Hotel is noted for their friendliness, promptness, and helpfulness, ensuring a positive interaction with guests.

The culinary offerings at Parris Royal Hotel receive praise for both their deliciousness and reasonable pricing. However, some guests have mentioned longer wait times, possibly influenced by the Sunday evening visit. Despite being a bit challenging to locate, the hotel’s environment is described as lovely, providing a pleasant setting.

One notable feature is the variety of room options, including the Presidential and Ambassadorial suites. The added benefit of these suites offering breakfast for two enhances the overall appeal for guests seeking a diverse range of accommodations at Parris Royal Hotel.

Address: Jim P. Brown St, Gwarinpa, Abuja 900108, Federal Capital Territory

Paint House Hotel Annex (₦35,000/per night)

Paint House Hotel Annex distinguishes itself as a relatively affordable option, with standard rooms starting at NGN12,000. It caters to those seeking a perfect staycation on a budget. Guests are treated to a warm reception and prompt service, enhancing the overall experience

The hotel offers a variety of room categories, including Standard, Deluxe, Executive, and Apartment. Each room is meticulously decorated with beautiful vintage paintings by renowned artists, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing environment. 

In terms of amenities, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning units, ensuring proper relaxation. Additional features include a comfortable bed with clean bedding, a wardrobe, a modern bathroom with toiletries, a study desk, TV sets, and a mini refrigerator. 

While there is no complimentary breakfast, the hotel provides a restaurant, 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, ample parking space, and an uninterrupted power supply.

The hotel maintains a no-pets policy and strictly prohibits smoking on the premises. Paint House Hotel Annex caters to the needs of budget-conscious travelers while offering a range of amenities for a comfortable and satisfying stay.

Address: No. 3, 6th Ave, Gwarinpa, Abuja 900108


Note that the prices of these hotels may change. You can always call the hotel management to be sure what the new prices are. Overall, hotels in Gwarinpa give you a foretaste of the luxury Abuja offers visitors.

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