Cheap Hotels in Gwarinpa, Abuja [2024 Guide]

Cheap Hotels in Gwarinpa, Abuja


Gwarinpa is a very expensive city in Abuja and it is almost impossible to think of getting a cheap hotel. However, I decided to do some findings and I uncovered some rare locations. This blog post is a review of some of the best hotels you can stay in Gwarinpa if you are low on budget. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Gwaripa, this guide has got you covered. 

5 Cheap Hotels in Gwarinpa

It is hard to find a cheap hotel in Gwarinpa but the following hotels are priced below 35,000 naira and you can enjoy a decent level of comfort despite the ridiculous prices of hotels in Gwarinpa. The hotels include:

Hotel Interconnect 

Cheap Hotels in Gwarinpa


Hotel Interconnect is quite an old hotel; you’ll experience it once you use its facilities. On the outside, you get this elegant view complimented by a serene environment but once you make your way through the hotel’s aisle, you begin to see why this is one of the cheapest hotels in Gwarinpa. 

The bedding was too soft and needed a change. Some of the faucets are broken and the ACs, even though they are functional, you would have to choose between quiet, hot nights or loud, cool nights. At first, the staff at Hotel Interconnect were welcoming but when it was time to order from the kitchen, I saw some very unruly individuals and the service could have been faster. 

Prices at the Hotel Interconnect start from about 20,000 to 35,000 naira. 

Address: Plot C115/116, 1st Avenue, Gwarinpa


Starview Palace Hotel 

Starview Palace Hotel

Driving along the Kubwa Expressway, the Starview Palace Hotel is one of the distinct buildings you’ll see. The grayscale colors of the hotel facility give it a lovely 5-star ambiance but you wouldn’t get that level of service. ACs do not have remote controls and you cannot make use of the bedside fridges provided. Hardly any complimentary service is provided so you have to make the most of your stay all by yourself. 

Aside from the pool and the serene environment of this hotel, it is not a good bargain. If your budget doesn’t let you get a good hotel, then this is an inexpensive option to try. 

You can get a room for as low as 27,000 naira. 

Address: 4th Ave, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja 900108, Federal Capital Territory

Sefcon Suites & Apartments 

Sefcon Apartments

There are so many areas to fault this establishment but one aspect where it shines the brightest is the availability of a constant power supply. They guarantee 24-hour power and they deliver on their promises. Their free breakfast offer is probably for select room owners and it is not so bad. 

The hotel either has a good customer relations rep who misleads people into thinking they are working to serve customers better or they have bad eggs in their management who do not know how to run a hotel. Either way, you are definitely going to experience really poor service delivery and be unable to complain. 

Sefcon Suites & Apartments provides free WiFi but if the manager isn’t around when you lodge, you wouldn’t have access to it. If you need to relax during your stay, the poolside bar gives you half a chance at relaxing. 

Pricing at this 3-star hotel starts from 27,000 naira. 

Address: Block 1 Plot 11 Water Front Drive Gwarinpa, Abuja 900021

Stanzel Grand Resort

Stanzel Grand Resort

Stanzel Grand Resort appears to be focusing more on its bar and relaxation areas rather than paying attention to the quality and maintenance of its lodging facilities. I give them credit for how neat the hotel rooms are. But it gets worse. The hotel’s ACs are not functioning optimally so your room can get really stuffy. Additionally, the service provided in the hotel is subpar and they can do with a total workforce change or a sensitization about how the hospitality industry works. 

The power situation in the hotel is good and you find the establishment’s pool and poolside bar an ideal spot for your staycation. Sadly, the hotel was attacked by armed robbers sometime in July 2023 and even though no life was lost, the hoodlums carted away with valuables and cash. 

Overall, you get what your charge can give you for a city like Gwarinpa. Rooms at Stanzel Grand Resort start from 16,000 naira per night. 

Address: Plot C103, Along A close off 1st Avenue, Behind Fidelity Bank. Gwarinpa, Abuja 

Laropa Luxury Suites

Laropa Luxury Suites

I recently had the opportunity to stay at Laropa Hotel & Suites, and it was quite an interesting experience. Nestled in a serene environment, the hotel exudes a cool and calm ambiance, making it an ideal spot for an inexpensive getaway.

The staff, while not reaching world-class standards in service provision, are courteous and make an effort to ensure a pleasant stay. Their friendly demeanor adds a welcoming touch to the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

One unique aspect that stood out during my stay was the TV setup. The television is set to a single channel and is controlled by the Manager or staff. This means that guests have limited control over what they watch, as the remote is not in their hands. It adds a distinct character to the place, creating a shared viewing experience.

However, it’s worth noting that the lack of control over the TV may not be to everyone’s liking, especially for those who prefer a variety of channels or personalized entertainment options.

Another aspect to consider is the Air Conditioner, which seems to be dependent on the availability of power. During power outages, the air conditioning may not function, potentially affecting the comfort level of guests. It’s advisable to be prepared for such situations, especially if visiting during times of unstable power supply.

Address: House 54, 21 Road, 2nd Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate, Gwarinpa. 

Final Thoughts on Cheap Hotels in Gwarinpa, Abuja

Gwarinpa is a city of cost and comfort but this list of cheap hotels can offer you a level of satisfaction even though they have their flaws. You must be aware that you aren’t guaranteed a five-star experience, at best what you can get in these hotels are 2-star getaways. If you desire comfort, you may want to consider other hotels in Gwarinpa or try looking for hotels in other cities of Abuja. 


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