How To Book Airpeace Flight 2022

book airpeace flight


AirPeace is a low-cost Nigerian airline at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria. Follow this steps on how to book airpeace flight.

The airline operates scheduled domestic flights within Nigeria and international services to Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, and Sierra Leone. 

It also offers charter flights with its sister airline Air Peace Charters, and as of December 2015, Air Peace had a fleet of 6 aircraft (4 Airbus A319-100 and 2 Airbus A320-200)


Step 1: Check Airfare

It is easy to view our airfares online, and at a click of a button, you can book your flight. 

The quickest way to search for a flight on our website is by entering your preferred city of travel, country, and departure date in our ‘Airfare Search’ tool above. 

With that said, there are many different ways to find out which of our flights fits into your budget. 

If you have an idea of where you want to go and when to enter these details into our booking engine or call one of our friendly customer service agents who will be happy to help. 


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You may also like to read about how we calculate fares and view some frequently asked questions about booking with us.

Step 2: Reserve your ticket

You can now book your ticket on the air peace website. You have to select your flight number and enter your reservation details which include your name, email address, and phone number. 

After that, you have to select a payment option for your flight. After booking, ensure that you receive a confirmation receipt of your booking. If not, call them up or send them an email. They are available 24/7. 

As soon as you get confirmation from air peace, please don’t forget to print out your boarding pass and print out a copy of your reservation slip. 

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These will be needed at the airport while checking in. And if it is possible, don’t forget to carry all your traveling documents like passport, visa, etc., just in case they ask for them at the airport counter.

Step 3: Choose Your seat

The first thing you need to do when booking an AirPeace flight is select your seat. There are four types of seats available on all our aircraft: Premium Economy Class, Economy Class, Premium, and Economy class. 

Click on Seat Type to learn more about each type of seat and what it offers before selecting one suitable for you, and then proceed to choose your desired seat from a seating plan. 

You can also choose to be seated next to someone else (for example, a family member or friend) by clicking on ‘request’ next to their name. 

If there is no one else who has requested being seated with you, then you will be allocated your seat.

The choice of seats depends on the availability, and not all seats may be available at the time of booking.

Step 4: Print your Itinerary

Ai Peace, like other airlines, allows you to download and print your itinerary. Ensure that you have printed all your details on an Ai Peace boarding pass, including flight details and seat allocation. 

Also, take note of where your check-in desk is in case you get to your destination earlier than expected and need to drop off luggage. Once you have done all these, it is time to prepare for your trip as an AI pilot! 

You are now ready to fly to any part of Nigeria or even Africa with AI PEACE AIRLINES. I hope you enjoyed reading my tutorial/guide, How To Become An Ai Pilot and please do share with friends or family who might be interested in becoming a pilot too.

Step 5: Check In Online

Unlike other airlines, AirPeace’s flight booking process is completely online – you do not need to visit their reservations office. When you have booked your flight online, you are required to check in online at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure time. 

You can check in for your flight using a printer-friendly version of your e-ticket. If you book through a travel agent, they will handle your checking in and issue you with an e-ticket voucher. 

This voucher must be exchanged for an actual ticket at any of AirPeace’s sales offices or ticketing offices within 24 hours of issuance. All e-tickets issued by AirPeace expire 6 months after the date of issue.

Step 6: Get to The Airport Early

It is a good idea to get to the airport at least three hours before your flight time. 

You can do some last minute shopping, grab some food or even have a quick work out. Having extra time will give you peace of mind and reduce stress levels. 

Step 7: Don’t forget to check in online: 

This step is very important because it will save you both time and money. If you check in online then you don’t need to go through any other security checks when you arrive at the airport which saves valuable minutes and also reduces stress levels as there are fewer people around. 

Also if you have checked in online you will be given an electronic boarding pass which means that no paper ticket needs to be printed and therefore cutting down on paper waste too. Check-in opens 24 hours before departure for most airlines so make sure that you check-in well ahead of time to avoid queues at airports on busy days. 

Many airlines allow passengers to check-in up until about 30 minutes before their scheduled departure time so make sure that you take advantage of these late booking options if they are available for your flight.

Enjoy your flight!

Air Peace is a Nigerian domestic airline. It was founded in 2004 and started operations in October 2005. 

The airline’s head office is located at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos State. The airline operates from Lagos Airport to other domestic airports such as Abuja and Port Harcourt. In July 2011, Air Peace acquired a Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

Air Peace also has flights to Ghana, Niger Republic and Mali (in Africa) and London (United Kingdom). Flights are operated by its sister company Fly540 Ghana Ltd with whom it shares ownership with.


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