10 Best Cheap Hotels in Abuja and Their Price

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria; it is a place where most of the leaders stay, national stadium, government house, Aso rock, House of Representatives, the national stadium, and national police headquarters are situated at Abuja.


Abuja tends to be an expensive place to stay, travelers going to Abuja ask on a daily basis which hotel is the best and also cheap. This article exposes you to the 10 best cheap hotels in Abuja and their price are affordable.

Nordic Hospitality Suite

cheap hotel in abuja

Nordic hospitality suite is a world class yet cheap hotel to check in, and it’s situated in jabi, Abuja. It is a top rated and also awarded winning hotel in terms of providing their clients/customers with their needs. Their rooms are well furnished with king sized bed, a reading desk, and also adequate space for luggage. Their work features 24hours.


For foreign guests, they offer a change of currency at their front desk.
Price per room in these hotel depends on the room you are checking in and also the dates (sometimes, they offers a discount to their guests. the price of a room per night is ₦18,500-₦35,000. The features of these hotels are;

  • Free breakfast
  • 24 hours front desk
  • Free Wi-Fi (high speed)
  • 24 hours security
  • Parking space
  • Free pickup from the airport

Starview Palace Hotel

Starview Palace Hotel
Starview palace hotel is a top rated hotel situated at gwarinpa estate in Abuja. A 41min drive from the national airport. The hotel is one of the best because of some outdoor/recreational amenities it offers. And even at that, it is one of the cheap hotels you will find in Abuja. The rooms are large and well furnished with a DVD player for entertainment and hot tub. If you are a person that likes having fun, this hotel provides has a lounge/bar for having fun. Their rooms are of different capacities, so the price per room depends on the guest’s choice and capacities. The price of a room per night is ₦25,000-₦41,125. Its features are;

  • Outdoor activities (fitness center)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Spa services
  • Packing space
  • Free breakfast (7am-10am)
  • 24hours front desk and housekeeping
  • Swimming pool

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Glass Residence Hotel

abuja cheap hotel


The glass residence hotel situated in Abuja is one of the best hotel in Abuja where guests are provided with extra health and hygiene measures to make sure safety is efficiently present.
This hotel provides guest with a terrace, has a restaurant, bar, garden, fitness, pool, and room service. Their rooms are furnished with an air conditioner, shower, and other facilities that would make guest stays satisfied. The price of a room per night is ₦69,888. You might think “is 69k cheap?”, but it has got features you will hardly find in other cheap hotels in Abuja, and that makes its pricing worth it. The features are;

  • Fitness and hiking (offsite)
  • Continental dishes
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Garden and terrace
  • Free breakfast

The Serendib Maitama

Serendib Maitama hotel

The Serendib maitama hotel is situated at maitama in Abuja, it’s a hotel that is top rated mostly by businessmen, and the hotel is well equipped and built. In terms of entertaining guests, this hotel is also the best. One of the best reasons behind the greatness of the hotel is the way you would be attended to right from your entrance to your room. The price for a room per night is usually ₦45,000-₦85,000. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Abuja, and one that you will come to relish the time spent there, then Serendib Maitama hotel is one of the best picks for you. The Serendib Maitama hotel features are;

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor pool
  • Dining and spa
  • Events and meeting facilities
  • Packing space

Frays Homez Hotel

cheapest hotel in abuja

The fray homez hotel is a top rated hotel situated in Abuja, it is 12km from the Cameroon embassy, its well equipped with ideal facilities, 24 power and water supply, adequate security, flat screened TV, washing machine with well-furnished and complete kitchen. The price of room per night is ₦12,480-₦15,808. Don’t let it’s cheap pricing deceive you, It’s a good try for you. Fray Homez Hotel features are;

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Well-equipped facilities
  • Ironing services
  • Laundry
  • Secured parking

Nicotel Apartment

Nicotel Apartment abuja
In terms of providing extra health measures for guest safety, nicotel apartment is the hotel’s equal to the task. It is situated in Abuja. Its well furnished and equipped with facilities that best suit guests’ requirements. Although this hotel tends to be more expensive than others listed, for its features, types of furniture, services, etc, it is one of the best yet cheap hotels in Abuja. The price per room is ₦58,240-₦106,249. features are;

  • Free parking space
  • Room service
  • Airport shuttle
  • Free Wi-Fi

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Residency Hotel Utako

hotel abuja

The residency hotel located at utako in Abuja is also an award-winning and well equipped and built hotel. Their rooms are well furnished with air conditioning, a flat screen TV. As a guest, you have access to their continental dishes. This hotel offers 24hours front desk and room services. The price of a room per night is ₦21,020-₦24,024. Its features are;

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness center
  • Room service

Lakewood Luxury Apartment

lakewood luxury apartment abuja

The Lakewood luxury apartment located in Abuja is among the best hotels because guest satisfaction is their major priority, so they adhere to all their guest’s needs.
Their rooms are well designed and equipped with a TV and a satellite cable to keep you entertained during your stay, an air conditioner to keep you cool, and also a swimming pool for those who like swimming. Their price per night ranges from ₦69,445-₦120,640.their features are;

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free packing
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Recreational activities (fitness Centre, table tennis, and Jacuzzi)

Qualibest Grand Hotel

Qualibest Grand Hotel

The qualibest grand hotel is top rated hotel situated in wushishi st, utako Abuja. This hotel is among the best in terms of providing a healthy and safe environment for its guest. Their rooms are well equipped, guests have access to their private bathroom with shower (no hot tub), and their fitness center also has a treadmill which is absent in other hotels. The price of a room per is ₦45,000-₦64,500. Its features are;

  • Fitness center
  • Spa and massage
  • Parking and transport
  • Wi-Fi
  • Business and event

Western Dreams Hotel

cheap price hotel

This hotel is highly recommended by travelers. On arrival, this hotel will send transport to get you to the hotel.
Western dream hotel offers the best hospitality to its guest. Their rooms are well furnished with queen beds, bathrobes, and a shower, and also prepare different continental delicacies to meet their guest’s needs. The price of the room per night is ₦22, 410-₦46, 575. Its features are;

  • Room service
  • Free parking
  • Pickup from airport
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Golf course


Abuja the capital of Nigeria is well known to be among the luxury places to stay. Most travelers (mostly businessmen) try to find a place they can afford to stay.

School fees, house rent, and other facilities tend to be expensive, hotels inclusive, however, there are cheap hotels you can find in Abuja, and even worth more than their pricing.

This article contains 10 best cheap hotels in Abuja that guests can afford to check in and during your stay in this hotel you will not regret being there.


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