Landmark Beach

Landmark Beach

Landmark Beach Lagos serves as a beach club and recreation spot for the elite lifestyle.


One of the few beaches in Lagos, Nigeria that you can visit without having to drive long hours to get to the destination is Landmark Leisure Beach Lagos.

Landmark Leisure beach Lagos has numerous facilities and recreational amenities, and it is easily accessible. It takes approximately an hour to reach Lagos mainland and less than five minutes to reach Eko Hotel. The Landmark event centre and private beach share the same facility, which is beautifully styled.

About Landmark Beach

Landmark beach is a lively place that offers a variety of fun activities to make your trip worthwhile.


Since it is an extensive beach divided into at least four divisions, we like that there are tricycles positioned near the gate to shuttle you to any part of the grounds – saves time and movement effort.

Adults and children can enjoy a perfect blend of leisure and relaxing activities at the landmark leisure beach.

Landmark Beach Location

The location of Landmark beach is 4, Water Corporation Drive, Landmark Village, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The private beach is situated in the same area as the Oniru Royal Family beach and is only 10 minutes away from Lekki phase 1.


Pinnacle Filing station is near the 3rd roundabout where you can access the beach. If you prefer, you can take the Eko Hotel Roundabout route on Victoria Island.

How Much Is Gate Fee at Landmark Beach?

Adults pay N2,000 per person for the gate fee at Landmark Beach in Lagos, while children (5-12 years) pay N1,000 per person. The beach is accessible to children under 5 years old for free.

Visitors who have signed up for the Landmark beach membership club can access the beach without paying a gate fee.

The gate fee at Landmark does not automatically grant you access to the facilities therein. It’s important to create a budget for other expenses

Things To Do At Landmark Beach

Lagos beach is a place where you won’t feel bored, especially if it’s a popular holiday resort. Many activities are available for friends, singles, couples, or families to enjoy at Landmark Leisure Beach.

Landmark Beach’s next visit can be made even better by trying any of the following activities.

Boat Cruise: One of the most popular activities at Landmark Beach is a boat cruise, and it’s worth a try. The experience is exceptional, and you won’t find it anywhere else in Lagos. While the cost of a boat cruise on Landmark Beach can vary, the minimum is N5,000.

Jet Ski: At Landmark Beach, you can participate in jet skiing, a water sport. Renting a jetski is the only requirement for a thrilling ride across the Atlantic coastline with Hard Rock Cafe and Eko Atlantic in sight.

Volleyball: If you are interested in landmark beach games, you can visit the beach volleyball area that is open to all.

Basketball: Corporate organizations and tournaments book the Basketball court at Landmark. In case you don’t have a team, you can show up with your kit and join other ball lovers for a game.

Minigolf: The minigolf putting course is suitable for both novices and experienced golfers. A family can play in it since it is suitable for all ages.

Horseback Ride: Landmark is an excellent location for this activity. You can ride a horse and bravely walk down the Atlantic aisle with a few thousand nairas.

Quad Bike: A popular beach recreation activity involves riding a quad bike. The experience at Landmark is exceptional. You can rent one of these bikes and ride recklessly along the rubber tire barricades.

Beach Soccer: Playing a football match with your group or hosting soccer tournaments on the sandy shores of Landmark Beach is something you can do. You can request to have beach soccer available to you.

Can I Bring Food To Landmark Beach?

It’s possible to bring food to Landmark Beach, but you’ll have to pay additional fee. To achieve this, it is necessary to be on the group package and not the regular gate fee ticket. Additional fee is charged by Landmark based on the food and drink categories visitors can bring in.

Each cooler of food and alcoholic drinks costs N10,000, while non-alcoholic drinks are only charged N5,000

N5,000 is charged by the beach for a pack or carton of beer or a cooler of mixed alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

Landmark Beach Rules And Regulations

Landmark Leisure Beach is a private beach and patrons are required to follow rules and regulations to maintain safety for themselves and others.

Make sure to take note of the guidelines put in place by management before planning your day at a famous private beach.

  • No swimming after sunset or in rough waters.
  • People with contagious diseases will be refused entry.
  • Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
  • No camping or sleeping overnight on the beachfront.
  • Lodge only at the landmark beach hotel.
  • Children should not be left unattended.
  • Keep the beach clean always.
  • No fireworks or unmonitored fires.
  • No Drugs or narcotics.
  • Personal food items and drinks attract a corkage fee.

List Of Landmark Beach Restaurants

The landmark hotel and beach resort has numerous restaurants and clubs that impress with their mouthwatering cuisine and beachgoing experience.

Take advantage of these places for premium entertainment:

  • Amazon Spur Steak Ranches
  • Bubbletti
  • 12 Baguette
  • Lotty’s
  • Smallchops Beach Plus
  • Sooyah Bistro
  • Honey’s On The Beach
  • KFC
  • Green Cabin
  • Mario Pizza
  • Potakos
  • Papis
  • Stuffed Puffs Naija
  • Lulu Bowl
  • Subs By Bread Lounge
  • Toodun Takeaways
  • Casa De Pasta

Is Landmark Beach Expensive?

Landmark is a costly beach for those who are looking for a low-cost beach experience. The gate fee is affordable, but the cost of beach activities and food items is high, particularly when compared to other affordable beaches in Lagos.


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