Latitude Cafe and Lounge

Latitude Cafe and Lounge


Latitude Cafe and Lounge is a suitable lounge where you can pass a nice time after a stressful day, hang out with friends and family, or have a special date with your spouse/friends. Due to their abundance of amenities, they are unique on their own.

This location is the ideal place to relax with its outstanding drink menu, intriguing atmosphere, and chic music.


They offer different kind of dishes both local and international. For reservation: +2349038443021, or visit their website


Latitude Cafe and Lounge Menu
Latitude Cafe menu
Latitude Cafe and Lounge Menu ibadan


Locating Latitude Cafe and Lounge is very easy and can be located through Google Maps. Just type in
The Ventura Mall, Samonda – Ibadan, Ibadan Nigeria and you will be halted at the front of the lounge.


The ambience is perfect for any occasion and their food is the best in the city. Although it’s a place for the elite, there is something affordable for everyone. The service is top-notch. Waiters use pager watches, and the drinks are always cold.

Their kid menu is fantastic, and their ice cream section is the best in recent times.

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