Muzi Chinese Restaurant

muzi chinese restaurant abuja

Overview of Muzi Chinese Restaurant

Muzi Chinese Restaurant is a modern-day restaurant located at Discovery Mall, Abuja. It is a Chinese restaurant based in Abuja that served intercontinental dishes.


It was known as a suitable place for dining and great ambiance which make it perfect for all kinds of parties and occasions.


They served intercontinental dishes which are affordable.


Locating Muzi Chinese is very easy and can be located through Google Maps. Just type in Behind Johnny Rocket, Plot 215 Konoko Crescent Street Discovery Mall, Municipal, Abuja and you will be halted at the front of the restaurant.



Muzi Chinese Restaurant provides exceptional client service. Without even mentioning the waiter’s and waitresses’ kindness, you begin to feel honored as soon as you step inside. The staff is always available to assist you with any problem, whether it’s finding a table or selecting a dish, and the bartenders are quite polite.


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