The Box Beach

The box beach

As you all know that Lagos is a home of beaches in which Box Beach, also called Sol Beach, is a brand-new private beach in Lagos that is rapidly gaining popularity among the locals.


Box Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast, with nice sand and a hill at one end and rocks and boulders at the other. A parking space was close.

About The Box Beach

Box Beach is a premium beach promenade in Nigeria and the largest container park in Africa. It serves as a lifestyle mall, entertainment village, and open forum for immersive moments.

There are a lot of activities, shops, restaurants, and an exquisite beachfront on the Atlantic.


Where is Box Beach Located?

You can locate it via Google map at 10B Trinity Avenue, Water Corporation Road, Oniru.

How much is gate fee at Box Beach?

It’s N5,000 for Adults and N3,000 from 7-17 of age while it’s free for age 6 and below.

If you want to enjoy other facilities or purchase food and drinks, you’ll need to be prepared to pay an extra amount.

What is the opening time at Box Beach?

They operate between 9 am – 12:00 am on Mondays to Thursdays, and 9:00 am – late Saturdays and Sundays.


Activities at The Box Beach

Activities that can make your trip interesting can be found in Box Beach.

While on this side of the Atlantic, you have the option to walk along the promenade, shop, eat a tasty meal at one of the restaurants, or just relax on the beach.

Beach And Pool

This luxurious beach resort offers a tranquil view of the Atlantic Ocean, with calm waters that are suitable for visitors.

Various cabana sizes, pool beds, sun loungers, and crafted morrocan seating are available here on the edge of the Atlantic.

Restaurant And Bar

They offers a unique dining experience and offers a variety of delectable cuisine. The drinks are poured by skilled bartenders, and they are of high quality.

Some of the most popular restaurants and cafes include Danfo Bistro, Rapa Nui Polynesian cuisine, Okada Cafe, and Loompaland.


The Box Mall has a wide selection of luxury pieces, beach wear, clothing, jewelry, and customized accessories to choose from.


A variety of events can be accommodated by Box Beach’s standard stage, lighting, and sound system. Attending or hosting a birthday party, festival, or concert is something you can do there. You can count on SOL for everything you need to make your event a smashing success.


Box Beach is one of the top beaches in Lagos, and it is likely that you will have a wonderful time there. The atmosphere is serene, beautiful, and entertaining.


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