10 Best Amala Spots in Lagos

Amala spots in lagos

It is impossible to get into Lagos of Nigeria, and not notice the crazy around the dangerously delicious Amala spots in Lagos.


It’s more of an Amala and ewedu combo, a meal that is so popular the legendary Funke Akindele had teamed up with the One and only Sola Sobowale aka Tonyi-Tomato and Mercy Johnson to roll out an entire blockbuster movie “Battle Of Buka Street” telling an intriguing Amala story.

In this blog post, I will be hinting you on the 10 Best Amala Spots in Lagos as well as their exact location and address in the city of Lagos.

I must warn you Amala Spots are not a new thing in Lagos as a matter of fact almost every food restaurant has Amala on their menu. Amala spots are found at almost every part of Lagos however just like any other special Nigeria Meal, there are Best Amala Spots in Lagos and there are regular Amala Spots. The more reason you should sit back and take note of the Amala Spots mentioned here because they are the best Amala Spots hidden in the City of Lagos.


What is Amala And Ewedu?

Amala itself is a well proportioned combination made from yam and cassava flour, the proportion has been a generational secret handed down from one generation to another among the Yoruba tribe.

In special cases based on preference the amala flour is made from yam flour and unripe plantain flour especially for persons on a diet.

The Amala flour when cooked in boiling hot water has this distinct rich elastic consistency and a rich brown colour, a colour most Yoruba’s find inviting.

While its partner in crime, ewedu is made from a well known green leafy vegetable, the jute leaf that gives it a unique flavour and texture. Local spices such as locust beans (iru) are also a must add.


With the Amala and ewedu explained, the gbegiri, a flavourful sauce that gives the meal that inviting yellow twist or alternatively the regular stew is added to the Amala and ewedu meal.

Another thing that never gets missing from the Amala ewedu menu is the nicely fried goat meat (Ogunfe), shaki, fresh peppered ijebu Ponmo and assorted meat parts.

While there are a countless number of Amala spots in Lagos one should also note that these Amala spots are based on different criteria, some people group based on how delicious the meal is while some are based on how affordable the Amala meal is.

For the 10 Best Amala spots in Lagos, here you have them listed.

Iya Eba Restaurant & Bar

Iya Eba located at 14 Berkeley Street, Lagos Island, Lagos. Is a Nigerian owned Amala sport serving the public Amala for over 50 Solid years. Owned by a 75 year old Iya Eba, this Amala spot has carved an indisputable reputation of offering Amala and ewedu, Ogunfe (goat meat), eja kika (round fish) and other mouth watering popular Nigerian meals with Fineness and taste you savor forever. You get a dine-in, dinning series for family and friends as well as a take home serving option.

Address: 14 Berkeley Street, Lagos Island 102273, Lagos State. Phone: 08186505375

White House Restaurant

White House Restaurant is a hot Amala spot diners can’t stop raving about. Located at the heart of Yaba in Lagos White House has been operational since 1997 as one of the Top Amala spots in Lagos. Known for serving Nigerians with the best African foods from Amala, fufu, pounded yam, shaki, ofada rice and lots more. White House offers a signature Amala with ata din din (spicy pepper soup) dish. Take note of the daily delivery time which is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm everyday.

Address: 9 Chapel Street, Yaba 101245, Lagos.
Phone: 07065175910

Amala Sky

Amala Sky is one amala spot that promises sumptuous lump free smooth Amala with rolled up Ponmo, they also serve panla fish as well as peppered snails(seafoods) and other popular Nigerian Meals. Strategically situated beside Fidelity Bank, Admirality Way, at Lekki Phase 1. The popular comedian, Mr Macaroni describes their Amala, ewedu and gbegiri as “Fantabulous’ in one of his skits. Amala Sky is well known for its outstanding services and spotlessly tidy luxury environment.

They also offer a Dine-in, Drive through, Delivery services and events catering.

Address: 9B Admirality Way, Beside Fedelity Bank, Lekki, Lagos. Website:

Amoke Oge

The Amala at Amoke Oge Foodsng is a promise of “Soft Amala, Soft life”, they assure their customers of hygienic cooked meals with a mantra of let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. With a handful of branches across Lagos they are giving other Amala spots a pretty good run for their money. On their menu is a variety of special tasty fish options from panla, original titius, croaker fish, round fish and lots more. A look at a plate of Amala, ewedu, gbegiri, stew and assorted meats and fish served there and you will forget all your sorrows. You can locate them at any of their following branches: No 1, Bawale Street Off Pedro Police Station, Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

Shop 1, Nigeria Film Market Babs Animashatin, off Bode Thomas Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

No 60 Moshalashi Street Off Keffi street, Okoyi Obalande, Lagos, Nigeria.

No 50 Oguntolu Street Off Elediye Bus Stop,Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria.

No 24 Oluyole Car Park Broad Street, Beside First Baptist Church, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Mama Balikis

For the genzs of the gram street Mama Balikis is one Amala spot they can’t stop talking about, mainly because of how affordable and sizable the Amala servings are there. With 200 to 500 Naira you can get a belleful sized plate of amala. For these young lovers of Amala Mama Balikis wins the “Best Amala spot in Lagos Award” if there will ever be such an award.

One Twitter user by the name chiemeka posted on his Twitter account “If you are living in Gbagada and you don’t know Mama Balikis, are you really staying in GBAGADA?”. This is one spot where you could spend up to 10 minutes on a queue in a bit to get a plate of their life giving Amala, so if you get there make sure you are not dulling at all. Interestingly one can order Amala from Mama Balikis and
chowdeck would do the Delivery within 16-26 Minutes, not bad Right? Mama Balikis stays open from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Address: 32 Ayodele Oke-Owo Road, Gbagada
100242, Lagos, Nigeria.

Yakoyo Abula Joint

This is a popular Amala spot with four good branches across Lagos, this shows how ever ready they are to serve their guests as much abula(soup combination) as they want. A look at their menu and you will find a long list of impressive Nigerian soups aside ewedu there is Efo riro, bitter leaf, Egusi and lots more.

Yakoyo Abula Joint Special Amala is hailed as “Amala wey Go Harvard ”, and theirs is a promise
to give you yummy meals just the way you like it.

Address: No 107, Ogunlana drive, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Lekki Address: 6 Otunba Adedoyin Crescent, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Branch Phone number. Surulere: 0908341897. Victoria Island: 08171552254. Lekki: 09047320466. Sangotedo: 07016660288.

Amala 4 Real

Amala 4 Real located at Osapa London is another well known top amala spot in Lagos. One of their faithful customers in an Instagram reels commented ” the gbegiri is giving what it is supposed to give”.

Their menu has all the necessary pairs that goes with Amala, nothing missing from the assorted meat, Buka stew. You get to enjoy their lovely services and ambiance when you Patronize them.

Address: 8 Ifiok Ojuolape Street, Lekki Penninsula II, 106140, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 08099550973.

Olaiya Food & Catering Services

Olaiya Foods & Catering Services makes a bold statement about their meals. “Prepare to have your taste buds blown away” that is exactly what you get ordering for their Amala and ewedu. Their menu also has Giant sized peppered dry catfish and absolutely delight to feast on.

With strategic located branches at Surulere and Lekki and the ambiance fit for Kings and queens to dine at Olaiya Foods and Services is one Amala spot anyone who visits won’t forget in a hurry.

Address: 109, Akerele Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 08028364675.

Ola Oluwa Kitchen Catering Services

Ola Oluwa Kitchen Catering Services believes Good Food Makes You Happy. They also promise “Yummy Food comes with freshness”. Asides Amala, this Amala spot gives diners the option of having wheat, pounded yam, semo and eba with their ewedu and gbegiri or any other delicious Nigerian Soup on their menu. They offer Dine-in, take-home, delivery as well as catering services.

Address: Head Quarters: 34A Hakeem Balogun Street, Agidingbi Opposite Mechanic Village Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Branch Address: No 65 Iju Road Opposite Iju
Garage, Inside Eternal Filling Station, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 07062803451.

Iya Moria Canteen

Iya Moria Canteen is another Amala spot targeting young Amala lovers, this explains why it is located within a school environment, Unilag, Yaba.

Iya Moria Canteen offers different food services such as Amala on the spot, Lunch packs, Food/Soup Bowls Bulk Orders. Like most Amala spot targeting genzes their Amala is super affordable with as little as 100 Naira one can get one Amala wrap. Unilag Students have also gone ahead to pronounce Iya Moria Canteen ” The Best Amala Joint in Lagos.

Iya Moria Canteen has an Amala special menu which has the regular Amala, gbegiri and ewedu as well as a long list of other Amala assorted meats and fishes. Iya Moria Canteen is a full canteen and also serves a wide range of different tasty Nigerian meals.

Address: Dil, University of Lagos, 101245, Yaba, Lagos. Phone: 09016201415.

With this 10 Best Amala Spots in Lagos I can assure you will certainly have a whole list of amazing Amala exploration to embark on. I won’t forget to mention the the prices of Amala vary while some with 500 Naira, 1000 Naira at most 2/1,500 one would comfortably feed well while for most luxury diners it would be way above that as high as 10,0000. Remember this is an estimate of how much it would cost you to enjoy a plate of soft life giving Amala.

Do enjoy your meal should you try any Amala spot listed here.


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