Ox Restaurant and Lounge

Ox restaurant

Are you unsure if Ox Restaurant offers the delicious dishes you’re looking for? You’re on the right track because we have all the details about Ox Restaurant and Lounge.


Overview of Ox Restaurant

Ox restaurant and lounge located in Victoria Island. The d├ęcor is lovely, with a Nordic vibe. Since it’s a lounge, it’s understandable that they have both outdoor and indoor spaces.

This is a great spot for both group hangouts and private dining. Private parties and events can take place in some concealed areas of the restaurant. In general, it’s a stunning space.


Ox restaurant serves as both a lounge and a restaurant. For reservations and bookings call 09044444454 or reach out to them on Instagram @ox.restobar



Locating Ox lounge and restaurant is very easy and can be located through Google Maps. Just type in 31 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos and you will be halted at the front of the lounge.

Ox Restaurant Menu & Price

The menu list of Ox restaurant consists of salad, burger, salads, steaks, seafood, platters, entries, appetizer, and desserts. The drinks on the menu list include champagne, whiskey, cognac, rum, vodka, tequila, gin, red wine, liqueur, wine, mocktail, cocktail, champagne cocktail, margarita, mojito, pet/soft drinks, beer, and fresh juice.

You can check out the full list of Ox menu including foods and drinks here. The pictures below also provide a quick glance through it;


The ambience is satisfactory with good music playing in the background, especially if you visit the lounge in the evening. There is more artificial lightening in the interior.


Ox restaurant customer service is exceptional. The moment you arrive, you start feeling honored; not to mention the hospitality of the waiters and waitresses. The bartenders are polite and the staff is always available to help you with anything, whether it’s finding a table or selecting a dish.
They place a great deal of importance on their customers’ satisfaction.


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