Amazonia Restaurant Abuja

Amazonia Restaurant Abuja

Amazonia Restaurant is a modern-day restaurant located in The Art Tech District. It is the ideal of greatest relaxation since it has everything you need to feel at ease.


The following article will inform you of all you need to know about the lounge, from its unique features to the services it provides.

Overview of Amazonia Restaurant

Amazonia Restaurant is Abuja’s first rainforest restaurant. It was known as a suitable place for dining and great ambiance which make it perfect for all kinds of parties and occasions. While at the place you will experience different kinds of sounds from birds and gorillas, you will also set your eyes on colorful birds.

Overall, the Amazonia restaurant contains about everything you’d expect to see in a modern restaurant.



Amazonia serves different kind of dishes which is acceptable to their audience. For reservations call: 07039986827, 09124898083, or contact them on Instagram @amazonia_abuja.

Menu & Price

They offer different kinds of foods, below is the menu list.

  • Chicken Wonton Soup  #5500
  • Ham and Peas  #5500
  • Salmon  #5500
  • Chorizon  #7000
  • Tacos  #7500
  • Bone Marrow  #6500
  • Watermelon and Feta  #6000
  • Chicken #6500
  • Crab  #7000
  • Chilli Corn Carne  #8000
  • Empanadas  #7500
  • Shrimp Ceviche  #7500
  • White Fish  #11000
  • Prawns #9000
  • Dover Sole #9000
  • Paella  #12000
  • Seabass  #23000
  • Duck  #35000
  • Steak & Potatoes  #17000
  • Tomahawk  #17000
  • Short Ribs  #9000
  • Lamb Leg Roast  #13000
  • Napolitana  #7500
  • Chicken Parmigiana  #7500
  • Pho  #8000
  • Caramel Apple  #7500
  • Poached Pear  #7500
  • Passion Fruit  #7500


Amazonia Restaurant is very easy and can be located through Google Maps. Just type in 7 Hombori St, Wuse 904101, The Art Tech District, Abuja and you will be halted at the front of the restaurant.


Amazonia Restaurant provides excellent customer service. You begin to feel honored as soon as you step inside, and that’s before we even mention the warm welcome of the waiters and waitresses. Finding a seat or selecting food is never a problem because the staff is constantly there to assist you, and the bartenders are quite polite.


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