The Nest Lounge

the nest lounge

Hey darling, you will be reading about The Nest Lounge located at Alagomeji Lagos. In this article, you will see the reason why you need to visit the lounge after work to offload the stress you have been through or you want to have a nice time with your lovely ones.


Overview of The Nest Lounge

The Nest Lounge is a suitable lounge where you can pass a nice time after a stressful day, hang out with friends and family, or have a special date with your spouse/friends. They have a lot of amenities and that’s why they are unique on their own.

With an outstanding drink menu, an interesting atmosphere, and chic music, it’s the perfect location to let off steam.


Apart from the lounge The Nest also offers services like a Private office, dedicated desk, board room, and event space. For booking you can visit their website or contact them on Instagram @thenest_lounge. 


Menu & Price

Main Dishes

  • Grilled/Spicy chicken lap #4,384
  • Grilled/Spicy Turkey #4,384
  • Grilled/Spicy chicken wing #3,763
  • Creamy Crispy Wings #4,384
  • GIZZDODO #4,384
  • Asun/Goatmeat Peppersoup #3,763


  • Special jollof rice #1,935
  • Special fried rice #1,935
  • Snow white (white rice) #1,935
  • French fries #1,935
  • Spaghetti Napolitano #2,580
  • Spaghetti Stir fry #2,580
  • Coconut rice #1,935
  • Yam chip #1,935
  • Plantain #1075


  • Avocado chicken salad #4,623
  • Coleslaw #1,075


  • Spaghetti Seafood #7,525
  • Chicken Alfredo pasta #6,988


  • Spicy Croaker Fish with hot pepper vegetable sauce served with chips #7,525
  • Spicy Catfish with hot pepper vegetable sauce served with chips #8,600


  • Sandwich With Fries #3,763
  • Slice toast or White bread with Tomato/Sausage/Vegetable omelettes with tea or coffee #4,384
  • Tea / Coffee #1,075
  • Full English breakfast #4,384
  • Yam chips or plantain with egg sauce #4,384


  • Full Protein Platter #21,500
  • Mini Protein Platter #12,900
  • Full Seafood Platter #37,625

Finger Foods  

  • Gizzard #3,763
  • Peppered Snail #6,450


Locating The Nest Lounge is very easy and can be located through Google Maps. Just type in 1A Hughes Ave, Yaba 101245, Alagomeji, Lagos and you will be halted at the front of the lounge.


The Nest Lounge provides exceptional client service. Without even mentioning the waiter’s and waitresses’ kindness, you begin to feel honored as soon as you step inside. The staff is always available to assist you with any problem, whether it’s finding a table or selecting a dish, and the bartenders are quite polite.


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