How To Book A Local Flight In Nigeria

book local flight in nigeria

Do you know that ignorance kills? Do not take unnecessary road risks because you do not know you can book a flight to your destination. Continue scrolling to find out how you can waka to anywhere in Nigeria with peace of mind.


In recent years, there has been a significant spike in the use of air transport with over 10 million passengers reported to have taken a flight in Nigeria in 2020. This data opposes the belief that aeroplanes are only for the rich and wealthy; all thanks to bad roads and a high rate of insecurity in the country.

At the same time, one can vividly observe that the number of these air travellers is still very low compared to the dense population of Nigeria (most populated in Africa); therefore, the need for to look into this.

From our research, we discovered that one of the major reasons for this ineffective air transport usage is ignorance. Many Nigerians are still not aware of how easy booking a flight is, be it, local or international. Do not feel bad if you fall into this category; it is only normal. However, your obliviousness ends today as this article will expose you to everything you need to know about local flights in Nigeria.


Before we proceed, let’s have a summary of what you will learn in this article:

Table of contents

  • Local flights in Nigeria
  • Advantages of local flights
  • How to book a local flight in Nigeria
  • Conclusion

Local flights in Nigeria

Local flights also called “domestic flights” are said to be any commercial air transport within a particular country and sometimes, to another country of very short distance. For instance in Nigeria, local flights are when you travel by air from one state to another. Moreover, since not all states in Nigeria have airports; local flights are not accessible nationwide.


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Fortunately, many of the big cities have one or two airports and therefore, you can book a flight the next time you need to travel to one of the below-listed routes as offered by a good number of the local airlines:

  • Abuja to Asaba
  • Abuja to Benin City
  • Abuja to Calabar
  • Abuja to Enugu
  • Abuja to Ibadan
  • Abuja to Kano
  • Abuja to Lagos
  • Abuja to Osubi
  • Abuja to Owerri
  • Abuja to Port Harcourt
  • Abuja to Sokoto
  • Abuja to Uyo
  • Abuja to Yola
  • Asaba to Abuja
  • Asaba to Lagos
  • Benin City to Abuja
  • Benin City to Lagos
  • Calabar to Abuja
  • Calabar to Lagos
  • Enugu to Abuja
  • Enugu to Lagos
  • Jos to Abuja
  • Jos to Lagos
  • Kaduna to Abuja
  • Kaduna to Lagos
  • Kano to Abuja
  • Kano to Lagos
  • Lagos to Abuja
  • Lagos to Asaba
  • Lagos to Benin City
  • Lagos to Calabar
  • Lagos to Enugu
  • Lagos to Ibadan
  • Lagos to Ilorin
  • Lagos to Jos
  • Lagos to Kaduna
  • Lagos to Kano
  • Lagos to Maiduguri
  • Lagos to Osubi
  • Lagos to Owerri
  • Lagos to Port Harcourt
  • Lagos to Sokoto
  • Lagos to Uyo
  • Lagos to Yola
  • Osubi to Lagos
  • Owerri to Abuja
  • Owerri to Lagos
  • Port Harcourt to Abuja
  • Port Harcourt to Lagos
  • Uyo to Abuja
  • Uyo to Abuja
  • Warri to Abuja
  • Lagos to Accra

Interestingly, some of these airlines classified Lagos to Accra as a local route due to the shortness of the distance between the two cities. But, you will need your International Passport and Visa here. Confused, isn’t it? Do not worry, you will understand better soon.

Prior to that, let’s see some of the reasons you should start weighing up air travel instead of wasting your time and efforts on land transport.

  • Faster than land transport

It is no shocking news that air transport is the fastest means of transportation currently in existence and with the dilapidating state of roads in Nigeria; there is better no time to adopt air transport than now. Imagine spending almost a day travelling from Lagos to Abuja (yeah, that is how bad it has become). The number of traffic jams and potholes will make you wish you had never embarked on the journey.

  • It is less risky

Though nothing could be said to be 100% secured, it is less common to witness plane crashes between short distances with the last one, Dana Airline, dating as far back as 2012 around the Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos. Moreover, if we are looking at the number of road accidents that have occurred within this space of time then you will realize that air transport does worth the little risk involved it.

  • It provides maximum security

Another national issue we are currently battling in the country is insecurity. This has led the government to even distinguish some roads as High-risk roads; many of which are routes you must take to get to your destinations.  There is now a specified time to travel on road otherwise, your life might be on the line. All this are eliminated by air transport and you can fly at any time once you have successfully booked your flights.

  • It is cost-effective

Sincerely, flight booking might appear to be for the rich ones and this is why the rich live longer than the poor.  That might sound somehow but it is the truth, in the sense that the rich ones go for a more secured process and have a higher probability of arriving safely at their destinations while the other fellow who wants a cheaper process might end up losing more than the money required to book a flight.

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If you are now convinced you need to book a flight on your journey from Lagos to Abuja then let’s move on to how to book a local flight in Nigeria

How to book a local flight in Nigeria

Booking a flight in Nigeria is way easier than you do hear people as you do not necessarily need an International Passport or Visa to do this. All you need is a valid means of Identification which could be any of the following documents:

  • A valid National ID card
  • Voters’ card
  • NYSC ID card
  • Driver’s license
  • Work ID

You must know that any document you want to use must be valid through your travelling period.

After you have obtained your Identification means, the next step is to decide on which airline is best you travel with.

Nigeria at the moment has 23 local airlines which the likes of Arik, Dana Airlines Aero Contractor, Association Aviation, Air Peace . You can check out our post on the top 10 cheapest airlines in Nigeria to determine the airline that best suit your pocket.

Once you have chosen an airline to travel with, head on to the company’s website (it is highly recommended you book your flight online for faster and easy processing) and supply the following information as needed:

  • Personal details as it is on the ID you want to use for booking: this includes your full name, document numbers, and so on.
  • Your date of departure: Day you want to travel
  • Name of departure city and destination: Your current city and where you are going should be inputted here
  • Baggage information: Provide some messages about your bags and other property in them.
  • Cabin class of your choice (Suites, First class, Business, Premium Economy, or Economy) as offered by your airline.
  • Input a valid e-mail
  • Make payment: Many airlines offer their customers diversified payment methods during checkout such as Debit Card, bank transfers, electronic payment media, and so on.
  • If you happen to be under 16 years of age, it is required you get a Consent Agreement from your parent or guidance and submit them alongside the proof of your birthdate.

Once you pay, your flight ticket will be sent to the e-mail provided above and you should endeavour to print it as well as try not to miss your flight.

And definitely, we have simplified how you can book a flight to eligible places within Nigeria and for sure, to foreign countries in this comprehensive post.


The bitter truth remains that everyone wishes to have the capacity to travel through the air which is actually possible if you can obtain the right guidance. The funny thing is that the road transport fee is now even closing the gap on air transport charge with the increasing risks on the road. Therefore, we will employ you to stick to our website as we have gotten an awesome collection of guides and articles to help you cruise to anywhere in Nigeria from above.


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