Top 10 Best Restaurants In Lekki

Lekki is one of the most exciting places you can visit in Lagos; the fastest growing city in Nigeria. The place is a hub of ultimate relaxation which is further complemented by its ambience due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and other sub-water bodies. Therefore you can catch fun either on the islands within the axis or on the surrounding mainland.


As a first-time visitor popularly referred to as “JJC (Jonny Just Come)”, you might have a hard time finding your way around this fascinating vicinity even to just get a good meal in a nice restaurant. Luckily, you will get to know some of the best restaurants in Lekki at the end of this article so that the next time you need to feed the worms in your stomach in Lekki, you will know the right places to step into to get the best dishes.

Let’s delve right into the business of the day

Best Restaurants In Lekki

Kohinoor Lagos Restaurant

kohinoor lounge - best restuarants in lekki

Our number one pick is Kohinoor Lagos restaurant that has a five-star rating and is known for its mouthwatering African and Continental dishes whose prices are nothing but affordable as you can get a decent meal for as low as ₦1000 in Kohinoor.


The restaurant provides reservation service, seating service, table service, buffet service, outdoor seating service, private dining service, and some other exquisite services to the satisfaction of its clients.

You can pay using your credit cards, cash, and most surprisingly, gift cards. Yeah, you can get bored with the live music and jazz bar in Kohinoor except you do not want to catch fun you know. Therefore, the next time you visit Lekki or if you are currently in Lekki; be sure to visit Kohinoor.

Location: 72, Kusenla Road, Ikate Elegushi Lagos, Lekki


Rhapsody restaurant

Just like the name implies, you get nothing short of uninterrupted enjoyment at the Rhapsody restaurant. You do not just get to enjoy good food; you also get to relax in one of the most idyllic environments in Lekki. The restaurant has a bar, and pub, and offers both international and local contemporary dishes with fusion-style music to make your visit memorable.


However, the prices at Rhapsody is a bit higher than that of Kohinoor as the least dish costs around ₦3000 but it is surely worth every penny you spend. You can also book a reservation, seating service, or takeout, and it is accessible with a wheelchair.

The next time you drive along Lekki-Epe Expressway, look out for Rhapsody.

Location: Osapa Shop 48, Circle Mall, Osapa, Jakande Roundabout, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos

Ocean Basket

Ocean basket - lekki restuarant

I think it is high time we checked out something fishy. Ocean Basket provides you with the best of seafood and Mediterranean dishes as well as special dishes for vegetarians, vegans, and those who do not take gluten meals. The good thing is that the company knows how hard it is to make money in the country and therefore, offers these tantalizing dishes for as low as ₦2900.

It also offers a reservation, takeout, seating, and bar services with parking space and is wheelchair accessible. You can pay with your debit and credit cards. So, if you ever need to find out what is fishy in Lekki then you should visit Ocean Basket.

Location: 35, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Domino’s Pizza Admiralty

Domino’s Pizza Admiralty

What more can we say about Domino? Domino has already built its reputation as not just one of the leading Pizza’s suppliers in Nigeria but around the globe. The company is popular for providing Pizza with a yummy taste which is definitely a perfect meal after a long day. The company also provides both takeout and home delivery services which I find irrelevant since everyone knows this already.

Location: 69B, Admiralty Way, Lagos

Shiro Restaurant & Bar

Shiro Restaurant & Bar

Maybe you are in search of a Japanese outlet in the middle of Lagos? Then Shiro should be the first place on your mind as the restaurant provides you with the best Japanese Sushi and Asian contemporary dishes you can find in Lagos.

The unbelievable price you can get yourself Sushi here even makes it more convenient to visit Shiro; for with just ₦35 in your pocket, you can walk in majestically and make an order in Shiro (if you are charged extra and you do pay, you will be majestically dealt with anyways (lol)).

They have special diets for vegetarians and vegans as well as gluten-free meals while offering divergent services to ensure you are comfortable at the restaurant.

Location: 3/4 Water Cooperation Road, Landmark Village, Victoria Island near Landmark Centre, Water Cooperation Road, Lagos

Café One by Sterling

Café One by Sterling- Restuarant in lagos

What if you need to grab some coffee or tea with a friend? Café One mainly is established to serve as an experience center and digital assets center for Sterling Bank Plc. However, it is also used as a café shop to help you quench that thirst with a cold/hot beverage. The prices range from ₦600 to ₦2500 depending on how much you need to at Café One.

Location: Admiralty Way, Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos

Sailor’s Lounge

Sailor’s Lounge

Let’s leave the mainland and take a trip to the first bar to be built on water. Sailor’s Lounge is one of the most exciting places to enjoy a drink in Lekki; the ambience, hospitality, and eye-refreshing seaside scenery are one of a kind. The restaurant provides delivery, takeout, reservation, buffet, table, and several seating services.

It also has enough parking spaces, accepts debit and credit cards, offers free Wi-Fi, and is wheelchair accessible. The minimum price to enjoy their service is capped at ₦1700 which is quite fair to enjoy a drink on the water.

Location: Plot 1 Block 12, Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, beside Daytona Supermarket, Lagos

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock cafe- best lagos restuarant

Let’s go back to a café on the mainland. Hard Rock Café is one of the most recognized cafés in the world having over 100 café in the top countries of the world. The restaurant offers visitors an American-styled bar, a café, and special diets for vegetarians and vegans. It also allows for takeout, reservation, outdoor seating, and is accessible by wheelchair with sufficient parking space.

Location: Water Cooperation Road near Landmark Centre, Oniro Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos

Cold Stone Creamy

Cold Stone Creamy

Ice cream would not be bad on a scorching afternoon but where do we get a creamy one in Lekki? Certainly, I know a restaurant. Cold Stone does one thing and that is providing the best ice cream in the world, so, you are sure to come out with a piece of creamy ice in your hands when you visit one.

Location: 4, Saka Tinubu Street, Lekki, Lagos

Sweet Kiwi

Sweet kiwi

The last restaurant on our list for today gives you the freedom to serve yourself the best-chilled yoghurts available in over 100 flavours. The yoghurt comes with a dessert, is soft to taste, and is free of fat.  Kiwi claims that the yoghurts are naturally organic which makes them extremely safe and healthy to take.

You can decide to enjoy the moment by taking a seat at the restaurant or just take out your yoghurt to be enjoyed at home when you drive along Admiralty way in Lekki.

Location: Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos


We have provided you with the best restaurants across different cuisines in Lekki to ensure you go for only the best restaurants whenever you need to get your favourite dishes and drinks. Notwithstanding, here are some answered questions to fasten up your decision:


What is the best restaurant in Lekki?

Overall, the best restaurant in Lekki is Kohinoor restaurant.

Which restaurant is best to hang out with friends in Lekki?

Sailor’s Lounge

Where can I get the best plates of seafood in Lekki?

Ocean Basket Restaurant

How much can I get a meal in Lekki?

You can get a meal for as low as 1000 in Kohinoor

Is it true that only rich people can feed in Lekki?

No, this is not true


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