10 Best Restaurants In Ikeja

In one of our previous posts, We discuss top 10 restaurants in Lekki and we hope you find it useful in deciding where to get your favourite meals. Today, we will be looking at the best restaurants in ikeja to fill your belly in another popular and amazing place in the city of Lagos.


Interestingly, our place of focus is the capital of Lagos and a Centre Business District (CBD), therefore, you should be sure to enjoy yourself to the fullest in the neighbourhood of Ikeja.

Here are our top picks of the best restaurants in Ikeja:

1. Jevinik Restaurant
2. Iyeru-Okin Buffet Restaurant
3. Ocean Basket Ikeja City Mall Restaurant
4. Tilapia & Tinz Restaurant
5. La Giara Italian Restaurant
6. The Place Restaurant G.R.A.
7. Zen Garden
8. Calabar Kitchen
9. Golden Eagle Spur Steak Ranch
10. Jade Chinese Ikeja Restaurant


• Jevinik Restaurant

Jevinik Restaurant - best restaurants in ikeja

Jevinik is well-known for its exceptional pot of African soups and provides divergent services such as seating, takeout, table services, and reservations. You can also trust the restaurant for your lunch and dinner in a place with a good ambience. The restaurant is located at 21, Isaac John Street, Ikeja.

Exceptional features:

✓ Cheap and affordable prices
✓ Mouthwatering African dishes
✓ Provides divergent meal service
✓ Good customer service
✓ The quantity of food is fair enough for the price

Shortcomings of Jevinik Restaurant


❖ Limited International Cuisines
❖ Might not be the best place for vegan

• Iyeru-Okin Buffet Restaurant

Iyeru-Okin Buffet Restaurant

Iyeru-Okin is located at 38, Isaac John Street in the suburb of Ikeja and offers a buffet service (serve yourself) to its visitors. Their cuisines range from International to African in addition to salad and snacks as well as some other vegan dishes. The price of a meal at the restaurant comes from a minimum of ₦9000 to about ₦17000 for a complete package.

The restaurant is definitely a place to be with a 4.5 rating online from more than 20 reviews; so, you should consider serving yourself the best at Iyeru-Okin Buffet Restaurant.

Excellent features:

✓ Buffet service promotes liberal decisions
✓ Both local and international dishes are available
✓ Good delivery service
✓ Nice environment
✓ Good customer service


❖ Meal prices appear expensive
❖ Insufficient reviews on the internet to support reputation

• Ocean Basket Ikeja City Mall Restaurant

Ocean Basket Ikeja City Mall Restaurant

Ocean Basket is another exquisite restaurant located at the Ikeja City Mall that has caught many of its recent visitors with a surprising experience. The price ranges from ₦3000+ to about ₦50 000 depending on the meal service. It offers seafood, Mediterranean dishes, special diets, and vegan option cuisines.

Ocean Basket is located at 9, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Shop 1106 1st Floor, Ikeja City Mall.

Exceptional Features:

✓ Great Food
✓ Availability of vegan options and special diets
✓ Nice ambience


❖ Prices are quite expensive
❖ Complaints on customer service

• Tilapia & Tinz Restaurant

Tilapia & Tinz Restaurant- restuarant in ikeja

Would have been the number one on our list but the information we had on the restaurant is rather insufficient coupled with the fact that they do not offer international cuisine.

Tilapia & Tinz is a typical African-styled restaurant with a good ambience and cool musical background to ensure you enjoy your stay. Another amazing aspect is that the restaurant maintains a high standard of hygiene that could be obviously seen.

It has 16 excellent reviews out of the 17 we considered and a 4.5 rating which proves that Tilapia & Tinz really is doing their things marvellously.

Exceptional Features

✓ Top-notch African dishes
✓ Amazing barbecue and grill meals
✓ Great ambience
✓ Good background music
✓ Safe and hygiene
✓ Excellent reviews from recent visitors

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❖ Limited international dishes
❖ Insufficient reviews for thorough judgment

La Giara Italian Restaurant

La Giara Italian Restaurant

Maybe you are the type that prefers a European-styled restaurant? Then La Giara Italian restaurant is the best choice for you. The restaurant’s cuisines include pizza, International dishes, European specials, and vegan-friendly meals.

To better feel the Italian atmosphere, you can also go for a late-night drink with your friends at 30, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Sheraton, Ikeja.

Exceptional Features

✓ Top-notch Italian Restaurant
✓ Offers vegan and special diets
✓ Excellent customer service ​
✓ Bar services are available
✓ Good value for money


❖ Few disappointing comments made by recent visitors
❖ A bit expensive

• The Place Restaurant G.R.A

The Place Restaurant G.R.A

The Place is your best option for fast food and on average, special diets in Ikeja. It is very close to other big restaurants as it is located at 45, Isaac John Street, G.R.A., Ikeja.

Exceptional Features:

✓ Amazing African Dishes
✓ Offers fast-food services
✓ Special diets for vegans are available
✓ Offers a 3 square-meal service


❖ Limited International Dishes
❖ Average satisfactory comments from recent visitors

• Zen Garden

Zen Garden- top restuarant in ikeja

In order not to be partial, we also have a recommendation for those who like a Chinese-styled restaurant. Zen Garden is located at 60, Isaac John Street, Ikeja and gives you a 100% Chinese and Asian experience with its Chinese and Asian cuisines which include special diets and vegetarian-friendly dishes.

It is rated as the number 1 Chinese Restaurant in Ikeja and quite popular in the vicinity.

Exceptional Features

✓ Amazing Chinese restaurant
✓ Good customer service
✓ Nice ambience
✓ Delicious dishes


❖ Quite expensive
❖ A couple of bad reviews

• Calabar Kitchen

Calabar Kitchen

I think it is high time we came back home and take a trip to the number 1 kitchen in Ikeja. Calabar Kitchen provides you with the best of local dishes in Nigeria from its varieties of soups and good drinks to step it down. The restaurant offers services like takeout, reservations, seating, and table services.

It is located at 27, Oluwaleyimu Street, Beside Washer Man Dry Cleaners, Ikeja, Lagos.

Exceptional Features

✓ Mouthwatering local dishes
✓ Availability of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
✓ Good customer service
✓ Nice ambience


❖ Improvement on overall cleanliness and ambience

• Golden Eagle Spur Steak Ranch

Golden Eagle Spur Steak Ranch

Okay, Suya lovers? Golden Eagle Spur Restaurant provides you with the best of steaks, suya, barbecue, and grill meals as well as good drinks. The steakhouse offers a buffet, reservations, seating, table service, and is wheelchair accessible.

However, due to Covid-19 measures; the restaurant only provides delivery and takeout services at the moment. It is at 53, Isaac John Street, Ikeja.

Exceptional Features

✓ Outstanding Steakhouse
✓ Fair prices
✓ The quantity of steaks is fair enough for the price


❖ Poor Customer Service
❖ Bad reviews from visitors
❖ Poor ambience

• Jade Chinese Ikeja Restaurant

Jade Chinese Ikeja Restaurant

Today, we will round off in a Chinese style as Jade Chinese restaurant makes the 10th spot of our best restaurants in Ikeja. Jade provides you with amazing Asian and Chinese meals with divergent services such as takeouts, reservations, and seating services and can be accessed by a wheelchair.

The restaurant is very similar to Zen Garden and can be trusted for good Chinese. It is located along Isaac John Street in Ikeja.

Exceptional Features

✓ Good food
✓ Amazing ambience
✓ Value for money
✓ Good customer service


❖ Quite expensive
❖ Very few poor reviews

Getting a good meal in the city of Ikeja should not be a problem anymore as we have given you 10 different options with divergent styles to enjoy yourself. Ikeja is one of the most interesting places in Lagos and enjoying a delicacy in the best restaurants is just the best way to complement one’s visit to the city.


• Which restaurant is the best in Ikeja?


• What is the best steakhouse in Ikeja?

Golden Spur Steak Ranch

• Which restaurant is the best for African dishes in Ikeja?

Tilapia & Tinz Restaurant

• What is the best restaurant for Nigerian dishes?

Calabar Kitchen

• Where can I get the Chinese Food in Ikeja?

Zen Garden

• Where can I get the best seafood in Ikeja?

Ocean Basket

• Best restaurant for an Italian restaurant?

La Giara Italian Restaurant


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