Ibile Foods and Lounge – A Place To Visit For Enjoyment

Ibile Foods and Lounge


Restaurant business is one of the fast rising businesses in Nigeria especially, in the city of Lagos. In fact, it is quite to locate a place without a restaurant on the street of Lagos.

One of the restaurants that have built a name for itself in the heart of Lagos is the exquisite Ibile Foods and Lounge.

This article will go into details about this home of mouthwatering local dishes to ensure the next time you need to enjoy a plate of traditional dishes you know just the right place to visit.


Overview of Ibile Foods and Lounge

Ibile Foods and Lounge is one of the popular restaurant and relaxation centres in Lagos known for its wide range of traditional dishes and snacks across two of the three main ethnic groups in Nigeria (Yoruba and Igbo). Its traditional dishes include pounded yam (iyan),

The restaurant‘s structure consists of a storey building with an additional small building at the outside that can accommodate barbecue lovers and can be used for relaxation.  The top floor of the storey building is used as the lounge where visitors can utilize for meeting sessions and enjoy an amazing view of the surroundings.

The staffs at Ibile Foods and Lounge are friendly and always ready to help customers out whenever they face any issue in using the restaurant’s services. Ibile is a modernized traditional canteen where cultural heritage is upheld in a Western atmosphere.

Locations of Ibile Foods and Lounge

Ibile Foods and Lounge have two popular restaurants in Lagos with one of them at the heart of Abule-Egba (just some distance from the ever-busy Sango-Ota) and the other at the suburb of Ilupeju. The full addresses and opening hours of the two locations you can visit to get your favorite local dishes from Ibile Foods are as follows:

  1. Abule-Egba Branch: 18, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Beside Mobil Filling station, Dopemu, Lagos.
  • Business Hours: 8 AM to 10 PM Daily
  1. Ilupeju Branch: 9, Ilupeju Bye-Pass, Ilupeju, Lagos.
  • Business Hours: 8 AM to 10 PM Daily

Ibile Foods Menu

As stated earlier, Ibile Foods offers a variety of traditional dishes and snacks to ensure every customer has something to fill their belly with. Here is a list of some of the available dishes at Ibile Foods and Lounge:

Swallows: The traditional swallows on the menu of Ibile is quite remarkable as it contains virtually all popular swallows in the country. The dishes include some of the following:

  • Pounded Yam (Iyan)
  • Garri (Eba)
  • Amala
  • Fufu
  • Semo

Soups: This is probably the area f specialization of the chefs at Ibile Foods and Lounge since they provide every possible Yoruba and Igbo soups you can think of on their menu. Truth be told, it is always confusing to choose the right soup at Ibile because every soup looks appetizing and makes one mouth salivate. The soups available include:

  • Efo Riro (Vegetables)
  • Afang Soup
  • Egusi Soup
  • Ogbono
  • Edikaikong
  • Banga
  • Gbegiri and Ewedu

Rice: You can also enjoy rice delicacies at the restaurant; from your Favourite Nigerian Jollof Rice to the aromatic Ofada Rice and never can we leave out the amazing Fried Rice at Ibile Foods and Lounge.

Assorted: If for any reason you should visit Ibile Foods and Lounge, then it should be to have a taste of the fascinating plates of rich Pepper soup and Nkwobi. You can have the pepper soup as an appetizer and the Nkwobi as a dessert. Trust me; it is nothing short of richness.

Snacks: Maybe you are not just the hungry type and want to have something light to enjoy the moment; the good news is that you will find snacks on the menu of Ibile Foods. These include sausage roll, puff puff, hot bread, (freshly baked), popcorn, and so on which can be taken with the fruit juices on the list.

Beans and Plantain: The menu also contains foods made from beans such as moinmoin, beans and diced plantain, bread and beans, and so on.

You can also order any drink from the available varieties to flush the meal down to your stomach.

Price Range At Ibile Foods And Lounge

Ibile Foods offers very low and affordable prices on their meals which come as a surprise considering the sweetness of the food there.

From our research, the average price of meal at Ibile Foods costs just 800 with some standard meal about 500. The bottom line is that the restaurant is cost-friendly and you would be able to get something to kill your hunger with your money.

Why Visit Ibile Foods And Lounge?

There are thousands of reasons you should try Ibile Foods and Lounge, especially when you crave for amazing traditional dishes. Here is a summary of the why you should visit Ibile Foods and Lounge:

  • It has a comprehensive menu of traditional dishes
  • The meals are delicious and enticing
  • Great hygiene and decent environment
  • The ambience is nice
  • Good customer service and friendly staff
  • Cheap and affordable prices
  • Allows home delivery and online orders (to place an online order, visit or call +2348117104668)

The only bad side we found was a customer who complains on Trip Advisor about the absence of the price tag of food on the menu list. This makes the prices of meals at the restaurant to be vulnerable to manipulation by some staffs which is most likely what she experienced. We hope the management of the restaurant looks into this issue soon.


It is obvious Ibile Foods and Lounge is a place to visit for anyone who craves to enjoy a dish of traditional delicacies at one of the best restaurants in Lagos State. The restaurant is located at a place that can be found conveniently and there are enough parking spaces for your car.

You can choose to eat in the restaurant or order for a take-away based on your free time although I prefer eating at Ibile Foods and Lounge. At the end of the day, I have to conclude that there is nothing Ibile about the restaurant except for its dishes.


  1. Where is Ibile Foods and Lounge located in Lagos?

Ibile Foods and Lounge can be located at Abule-Egba or Ilupeju in Lagos.

  1. How much can I get a plate of Amala and Ewedu at Ibile Foods and Lounge?

A plate of Amala and Ewedu can be gotten at Ibile Foods and Lounge as low as ₦1000.

  1. Does Ibile Foods accept IT students?

The decision to accept an IT student at Ibile Foods remains with the management and they might offer this for outstanding students.

  1. Can I get Palm wine at Ibile Foods?

Yes, fresh palm wine is being served at Ibile Foods and Lounge.


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