Best Places To Go On Vacation In The US

There is a popular slang among Nigerians that goes thus, “wahala no dey finish” which means the hassles of everyday life do not end and therefore, you need to take a break.


To make it convenient for you, we would have compiled a list of the best places to go on vacation in the US.

The US is home to many unique places that can isolate you from the trauma of this Mother Earth and prepare for the unknown days.

But before we unveil the list, let’s give you 5 additional reasons you should consider going on a vacation soon:


Reasons to go on a vacation

●    It improves your health

In this era, humans are prone to stress like never before and virtually all places unfold their own series of disappointments.

At home, at work, with friends, and even places of relaxation such as stadia and cinemas; it is usually like there is no escaping from the unfortunate period.

The continuous occurrences of these unfavourable events go a long way in weakening human health affecting both your physical and mental wellbeing.

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●    It strengthens family ties

There is nothing more adorable than a happy family and one way of achieving this is going on vacation with the pack.

Disputes are resolved during vacations easily since there is no room for distraction, unlike on normal days.

Most times during normal days, we get too overwhelmed with our daily activities and forget that some people need our attention and care.

Vacations are one of those ways we can reassure our families that we still care for them. Go for one.

●    It gives inspiration

Do not be surprised if I say that most musicians, actors, writers, and the like get inspiration for some of their masterclass when on vacations.

The inspiration might come from an event they witness during the vacation or people they meet at some places.

Going on vacation exposes you to divergent parts of the world and then you will realize that there is truly more to life.

●    It promotes productivity

It is a fact that people who go on regular breaks tend to be more productive than workaholics.

The brain needs rest to think beyond the box. So, if you believe that “taking a break slows you down” then you probably have not yet understood the nature of your problem.

Remember, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

●    It is fun and entertaining

Happiness is definitely free for those who sought after it and you can only enjoy your life while you are still living.

Otherwise, you will live to regret those moments you did not enjoy.

Vacations are a good way to catch fun, meet new people, and wave off bad vibes.

Those round fire hymns at camp, the ambience at the beach, the scenery outside the window during road trips, and the hearty laughter we share during vacations are what should truly define our memories.

I believe by now, you are more than ready to go for a vacation and coincidentally, you have selected the US as your desired location but where should you go?

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No need to ponder for too long, here are our top 10 picks of the places to go on vacation in the US;

●    Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - best places to go on vacation in us

This place is ranked number one (1) by US News and we cannot but just agree with this.

The Grand Canyon is located in the Northern part of Arizona in the US and has gained drastic attention from tourists and hikers around the globe with nothing less than six million (6 000 000) people visiting this amazing place every year.

It is the official World Heritage Site of UNESCO and is overseen by the US National Park Service.

Also, it is pertinent to note that the Grand Canyon due to its popularity and exceptionalism is usually crowded in the Southern part where the Grand Canyon Village for the locals is located.

However, the Northern part is less dense and best for relaxation.

●    New York City

New York City vacation

One difficult thing about going on vacations is the multiple options available to you in terms of where to visit.

Therefore, it would be better to just choose a particular city and tour it before moving on to another city if time permits.

As far as the US is concerned, touring around her cities without touching down in New York City will make your vacation incomplete.

The city with the Statue of Liberty is nothing but a perfect definition of a paradise on Earth. Your eyes will surely behold amusement at every corner you take.

Everything you see in movies about New York is real; the High Line, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Time Square, 5th Avenue, Broadway, and other fascinating places.

Apart from feeding your eyes with lifetime scenery, the famous pizza of New York City is just what you need to relax after a hectic tour.

Certainly, New York will be top of my list of the US cities I would like to visit a thousand times.

●    The city of Miami


Who has not heard of Miami? The beaches, right?

Miami is exceptionally popular for its beaches and the city is definitely more fascinating than just having amazing beaches.

The “hot spot” Southern Florida as it is popularly referred t; houses different species of aqua lives, reptiles, and birds.

You will surely feel the evening vibe on Miami Beach with the surrounding ambience to bring back sweet memories and take you out of these boring moments.

●    San Francisco

San Francisco - places to visit

We have all seen the Golden Gate Bridge in many movies, but imagine how amazing it will be to take a ride on it?

San Francisco is another interesting city to be in the US with a series of captivating places to behold.

Walking through the street of San Francisco makes you never want to leave again coupled with the almost perfect weather condition during most months of the year.

It is particularly very great for a family vacation as you can always gist and laugh out around the outdoor dining table on the street of San Francisco.

●    Zion Natural Park

zion national park

This place is one of the most beautiful and visited parks in the US that offer its visitors a place to appreciate nature.

Zion National Park is popular for its great hiking trails, waterfalls, valleys, and cliffs to complement the beauty of peaks in Utah.

This is a special place every hiker will want to visit in the US.

●    Orlando


If you are planning to go on a family vacation in the US, then you should endeavour to consider a place that will make the kids happy.

That place is in no doubt Orlando or you just say Kissimmee.

Orlando is known for its great outlook- all thanks to some unmatched movie setting present in the city.

This great city houses Universal Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, and Sea World which makes it really cool for kids.

If you want a stress-free vacation in Orlando; you should probably come before the holidays.

During holidays especially Christmas, the city of Orlando is always busy with different individuals going in and out of the city.

But you should not worry much; you can always easily access a place to stay after a long day.

●    Phoenix


Let’s give you a remote city where you can enjoy your break.

Phoenix is one of the best cities for relaxation in the US. The city is popular for the mountainous areas that make it awesome for hiking and golfing.

It also has some of the finest resorts in the US to make your visit remarkable. The good thing is that the resorts range in size to suit your taste and needs.

It is not recommended to visit the city during summer as it can be very hot but quite great during winter.

●    Savannah

Savannah georgia

Maybe Phoenix is not just as quieter as you wish? Then you will surely fall in love with Savannah.

Although not specifically a tourist city but is best to enjoy maximum relaxation in tranquillity during vacation.

Savannah is located in the Southern part of the US as one of the cities that still retain a vivid cultural heritage.

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It is very small and remote with a really green environment which makes you want to stay after vacation.

You can also access some of the nearby beaches to chill out at the seaside before leaving.

●    Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

This park holds a significant part of US history which is why it is valued by many of its citizens.

A park is a place where nature is displayed to the dismay of man from the presence of the El Capitan, Half Dome to the dynamism of its waterfalls.

Yosemite has served as home to several families in the past and an avenue of amusement to the families of the present.

You really would want to check this amazing place out during your vacation.

●    Washington D.C

washington Dc

The capital of the United States of America is another breathtaking place you should visit while on vacation in the country.

The city is the abode of some exciting popular movie sites like the White House, Capitol Building, and the Smithsonian museums.

The best time to visit Washington DC is during spring and during winter although it is colder.

The city should be the last on your list to let the memories of the ancient Americans linger in your head for a long time.


What is the number 1 vacation spot in the US?

  • The Grand Canyon obviously

Where is the prettiest city to visit in the US?

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Washington D.C

Where is the best place to visit in the USA now?

  • Grand Canyon is always a cool place to visit in the US anytime

What is the most amazing place in the US?

  • There are a lot of amazing places in the US e.g Grand Canyon, New York, and the likes


Going on vacation is one of the enjoyable stuff you can do at any time especially if you go to the right places such as these ones mentioned in our top places to go in the US.

However, you need to prepare yourself by gathering information about where you are going so you can pack the right things in your bag.

You should also endeavor to abide by the rules of vacation sites to avoid injuries and even deaths in some worst cases.

If you think there are some other interesting places you have visited in the US that are not on the list; try to share your experience in the comment box.

Hope you have a stunning vacation in the States.


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