10 Best Spa In Lagos You Should Check Out

Barazahi Spa

Spending some moments in a spa in Lagos might be just what is needed after the hustle and bustle of the day.


The energy and vibes in Lagos never end and require you to be always ready to meet the city’s vigour.

Consequently, a spa is the right place to take a break and at the same time, rejuvenate both your body and mind.

By the time you leave the spa, you will be more than ready to equal the energy on the streets of Lagos.


However, it is sometimes difficult to select the best spa in the state due to the presence of numerous spas within the state.

But you should not worry more about this as we will be recommending some of the best spas in Lagos to you in this article.

Since some people might be new to all of this spa stuff; therefore, we will also try to give you an idea of what a spa is and services you can get at a spa.

Best Spa In Lagos

What is a spa?

A spa is a health and well-being service centre that offers a variety of services on health improvement, beauty such as skincare and facial care, and relaxation.


A spa may also have some additional features which include a hotbath, sauana, pool, and gym.

It is nothing but a place you visit to get your body and mind back to shape.

Services offered in a spa

As stated above, a spa offers a variety of services ranging from treatments to message and therapies. Here are some of the services you can get in a spa:

  • Facial treatments
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Body massage
  • Hair massage
  • Foot massage
  • Waxing
  • Body treatment
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Scraping
  • Aromatherapy and so on

Benefits of visiting a spa

The numerous services offered in a spa are only but a summary of the benefits associated with visiting a spa.

Infact, if I can list out 20 services in a spa, then they are different benefits associated with the services since they all serve divergent purposes.

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We would just brush through the benefits and highlight them as listed below:

  • It provides anti-aging therapy
  • It helps maintain physical fitness
  • It is essential for the restoration of mental balance
  • It improves sound sleep
  • It is a good way of exercising the body and mind
  • It promotes the release of harmful substances from the body
  • It is good for relaxation and revitalization

10 best spa in Lagos

We are finally here at the main theme of this article and we cannot wait to list out the 10 best spas in Lagos.

However, we would like to tell you that sometimes; “figures are irrelevant”.

That is, it does not matter the number we have placed a spa on the list; it remains a top-notch spa to have made the list.

Hence, you might consider some other factors such as proximity and your needs while considering which of the spa you should go for.

Without further chatter, here is our list of the best spas in Lagos;

  1. Rejuvenee Spa
  2. Bioviva Holistic Spa
  3. Apples and Oranges Total Body Therapy
  4. Venivici Health Spa
  5. Oasis Med spa
  6. Grey and Glow
  7. Barazaahi
  8. Tirta Ayu Spa
  9. Spa Intercontinental
  10. Eko Gym and Spa

Rejuvenee Spa

The name of the #1 spa in Lagos already speaks for it.

spa in lagos - Rejuvenee Spa

Rejuvenee spa is the best place to get your body and mind rejuvenated and relaxed in the city of Lagos.

It is located on the popular street of Isaac John in Ikeja GRA in Lagos and provides its customers with both a holistic beauty and wellness hub.

Its services are world-class and range across body treatment to therapies.

Its treatments services include: manicure, pedicure, cosmetic dental services, facial treatment, and so on.

Spending a day at Rejuvenee will surely give you a life-time experience.

Bioviva Holistic Spa

Bioviva is a spa to be in the neighbourhood of Ikeja and it is arguably “termed” the best spa in GRA, Ikeja.

Bioviva Holistic Spa

The spa is well-equipped and offers divergent spa services to its customers ranging from anti-aging treatments to facial treatments.

It also offers some special treatments such as regenerating treatments, advanced skincare, acupuncture, chiropathy, and so on.

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If you stay around Ikeja in Lagos, you should not search further and just locate Bioviva Holistic Spa at 9b, Adewunmi Abudu Street Estate Lagos NG, Int’l Airport Rd, opp. Mopson Pharmaceutical, Ajao 100261.

Apples and Oranges Total Body Therapy

Apples and Oranges Total Body Therapy

A pioneering spa in Lagos and Nigeria at large with its wealth of experience driving its outstanding services to its customers

The spa is located in the serene neighbourhood of Victoria Island and is a great place to relax while getting the best massage from the best massagers.

Apple and Oranges is a leading spa so, you should not expect anything but the best treatments from the spa.

Venivici Health Spa

Venivici is another top-notch health spa located at 69A, Admiralty in the axis of Lekki Phase 1.

Venivici Health Spa

If there is one thing that Venivici is known for then it is the high level of hospitality showcased by the staffs of the spa at all time.

The spa offers a variety of services for those looking to keep their body and mind refreshed. These include:

  • Aromatheraphy
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Facial treatments
  • Waxing
  • Hydrotherapy and other special treatments

You can also come in for some unique packages such as spa splurge, bridal shower, groom attention, and so on.

Venivici is an all-in-one spa that you should try out in Lekki.

Oasis Med spa

Oasis Medspa is specifically for those in search of a top-class spa to get the best skincare treatment in Ikoyi.

Oasis Med spa

The spa offers advanced skincare treatment for anti-aging to other medical services to keep your skin over-glowing.

Oasis Medspa is located at 21 Cameron Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Grey and Glow Spa

Grey and Glow Spa

As the name implies; Grey and Glow is a place to go to keep glowing. The spa offers in addition to its executive spa service; variety of quality products to keep you looking young at all time.

The spa is also specialized in providing anti-aging services that will remove those unwanted wrinkles from your face.

Grey and Glow is located at 3rd Floor Golfview Hotel and Suites, 12 Works Road, GRA

Barazahi Spa

Barazahi is another modern-day spa located at 16, Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos.

Barazahi Spa

The spa provides its customers with unmatched spa services such as make-up services, pedicure, beauty therapies, and fitness session.

It is the perfect place to get relaxed and replenish the energy lost in combating Lagos wahala.

Tirta Ayu Spa

Tirta Ayu is a blessing to the people of Lagos as you can get to enjoy the exact treatments keeping the people of Indonesia glowing and fresh.

Tirta Ayu Spa

The spa is a Javanee-Indonesian spa and is known for its reputation as one of the best in Lagos.

You can check out Tirta Ayu at 33, Wole Ariyo Street off Admiralty Way, Lagos.

Spa Intercontinental

Spa Intercontinental is your surest bet to get maximum relief from the street of Lagos.

Spa Intercontinental

The spa has a sauna, steam room, and a whirlpool bath which are more than enough to destress your body and mind.

The massagers are well-trained and know the exact spot to activate calmness in the human body.

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Spa Intercontinental is located at 52A, Kofo Abayomi Rd, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Eko Gym and Spa

The last but not the least on our list today is the prestigious Eko Gym and Spa.

Eko Gym and Spa

It is known for its exquisite massage services and its unique sets of fitness equipment to keep its clients looking in their best form.

You should never miss your workout session when there is Eko Gym and Spa at 9 Akarigbere Close, off Idejo Street Victoria Island.


  • What is the most asked for treatment at spas?

Definitely, massage is the most sought service in spas and then, facial treatment can come next

  • What are the three most popular spa treatments?


Facial treatments

Manicure and Pedicure

  • What is a good name for a spa?

It depends on your choice but ensure it depicts what you do

  • What do spas do?

They provide services to ensure your health and well-being is never at risk of jeopardy

  • What do spas offer?

Body treatments and therapies such as massage, facial treatments, aromatherapy, fitness session, yoga, and so on.


Now, you have 10 additional options to go get your body relaxed and rejuvenated after a hectic day in Lagos.

It is essential to go get a good massage once in a while to keep your mind and body stable.

Our recommended spas in Lagos also offer therapy sessions and other special treatment services that you might need.

It is your choice to move out and locate the one closer to you and give off some bad energy.

You can also share your experience in any of the listed spas. We would really love to hear them.


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